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Anahi + Elliott | A "Super" Special Engagement in White Mesa | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

Anahi and Elliott were recommended to us by someone very special... Sara Irene! (Read all about the emerald-loving, pie-baking redhead we miss so dearly having in the office here). In fact, Elliott is actually Sara's brother! So when these two cuties (finally hehe) got engaged and inquired after our services... we couldn't have been more thrilled!

While Anahi and Elliott met at church, it wasn't quite as straightforward as that. Rather, they had crossed paths without even realizing it. At an away church camp, Anahi met Elliott's (and Sara's) sister, Grace, first and they became fast friends. They shared bunk beds, and when they couldn't fall asleep, Grace would entertain her new friend with stories of her older brother— all while they snacked on skittles she'd stolen from him. Later that same year, Anahi met Sara in a church music small group, not realizing who she was, and they too bonded and became friends. Sara then helped her get an internship where she'd be able to use her media knowledge through ministry... and it was there that finally Anahi and Elliott met. It was an instant connection! After they had dated for a little bit, they realized they crossed paths even more than they'd originally thought: they'd both worked at the same government research institution at the same time.

It became a yearly tradition for the couple to book a photographer to capture their dating anniversary. For their most recent one, they decided to do it at a restaurant that has become very special to the pair: The Kosmos. Elliott knew it was the place to pop the question. He coordinated with Megan, Anahi's photographer friend, to help guide the shoot toward the surprise ending. In the end she had them pose looking opposite directions... and it was then that Elliott seized the opportunity. When Anahi turned back around, he had a ring in his hand and very important question on his lips. Of course, she said yes!

For fun, the couple enjoys going to the park with their furbabies, along with playing video games. They also love going to Astro Zombies to search for their next favorite comic series, and we absolutely love that they incorporated it into their engagement session! Anahi and Elliott were a joy to work with, and we can't wait to photograph them again come their big day!

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