Meet Sara-Irene | Office Manager, Dog Wrangler, Dress Fixer Extraordinaire.

In the spirit of our team introductions, (Don't forget to read Maura's and Sarah's introductions) we're sharing more about our lovely office lady, Sara-Irene. Sara-Irene spends most of her time with us in the office, blogging away, sending emails, keeping things organized, and designing your wedding albums. However, she's also one of our wedding assistants, and there's a good chance you've met her at your engagement session or on your wedding day!

Here are some fun tid-bits about Sara you may not know!

1) Sara-Irene and her husband Alex were married April 2018 in Iceland. The pair had originally planned a wedding here in Albuquerque, but changed their minds and decided to elope in the land of fire and Ice. You should see their wedding photos! Pure magic! They live with their two doggos, Pippin and Topaz and kitty, Merry.

The babies:

2) Her and her husband are huge rock nerds. One of their hobbies is collecting, learning about, and admiring gems and minerals. They have several displayed in their home, and it's one her favorite parts of her home. One of their dogs is even named after a stone; Topaz. Sara-Irene actually was our information source for our blog post on Alternative Stone Engagement Rings.

3) She's done some pretty fun things before making her way into the wedding industry. She was a ballerina for years, retiring after an injury. She was a paramedic for 4 years before quitting. She originally got her medic license to pay her way through grad school. After wrapping up her bachelors in genetics, she decided to take a break before starting the PhD program. During that break she decided she wanted to do something else. And that's how she started number 4:

4) She LOVES pie, and loves bringing people together. So much so, she started Emerald Pie Bar, your go to for homemade pies and other sweets for every day occasions. She's participated in a few of our styled shoots and we love taking the leftovers home to snack on! If you're ever looking for a pie, she's your girl.

5) She's a broadway junkie. It's usually playing in the office. Her current favorite is "Waitress" (It's about a lady who makes pie) but number 1 on her list to see is currently Hamilton. So if you ever want to get her tickets, she'll gladly accept.

6) She HATES rain. As a Phoenix native, she thrives in hot and dry weather. So when it rains, you can find her inside pouting and refusing to leave. Which is pretty funny since her honeymoon was in Iceland, and her babymoon was in Seattle/Portland. She says that their next vacation needs to be someone sunny and warm and preferably tropic.

7) Not only does she love pie, but she loves the color green. Her house is decorated in green (including the baby's nursery), her engagement ring is a green stone (Montana Sapphire) , her tattoos are green, and the only color you'll ever see her wearing is green. Green pants, dress, shoes, it'll be there. Always. Case in point:

8) She despises coffee. She's one of those. It doesn't matter how much cream or sugar or flavoring you put in it, she just finds it gross and bitter. So our team Starbucks runs usually result in her ordering a large water. However, when she is in need of caffeine, you can guarantee she'll get a Pepsi.

9) Her favorite franchise of all time is The Lord of The Rings trilogy. She has a collection of old copies of the books, the directors cut on DVD, (all 12 glorious hours) and named her cat and one of her dogs after characters in the stories: Merry and Pippin. Someone even gifted her a set of Pez heads from both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies that she still has.

10) Sara-Irene and her husband are expecting a baby girl this summer! They're due at the end of June and we're all excited for another member of the MJ Squad! (Again, please note the green.)

Sara has been such a blessing to our team. We are lucky to have this ginger in our lives. Our brides seem to be quite fond of her too, so we will probably keep her around. ;-)

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