Our Favorite Wedding Day Sweets and Treats | New Mexico Wedding Photographers

We get to see a lot of stunning wedding cakes in this business— surprising, we know. But over the years, the creativity for not only cakes, but wedding desserts and treats in general, has really blown our minds! Gone are the days of the stark white cake, and the trend of "naked" wedding cakes has also passed us by. We have gathered all of our favorite sugary goodness for you to be inspired by when choosing your own wedding day sweets, and there's a little something for everybody: classic cakes, bold and trendy cakes, pies, donuts, and more! Keep scrolling to see all the stunning (and delicious) noms!

Classic Cakes

This category is pretty self-explanatory. If you're a timeless couple with classic tastes, these cakes were made for you.

Click here to see: Nicole and Joby, Ashley and Seth, Allison and James, Sandra and Charles, Whimsical Romantic Pink Wedding

Not Your Mother's Wedding Cakes

Ranging from having a little more color than the previous category to full-out designs and intricacies, these cakes are for couples who want to boldly express themselves on their big day.

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Alternative Sweets and Treats:


The pros: super yummy, super cute, all around a great time.

The cons: you're going to want a lot more than one.

Click to see: Carolyn and Nick


These treats are easy to snack on, easy to have multiple colors to fit your color scheme, and can be 100% customized. Added bonus? You can get a bunch of different flavors!

Click to see: Lauren and Steven, MJP Fall '19 Workshop, Elegant and Timeless Los Poblanos Shoot


With a wedding pie, people will remember you for being different and having an absolutely finger-licking dessert! And there's an even more adorable alternative... personal pies!

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Donuts and Candy and Popsicles, Oh My!

Sometimes, you don't want anything even close to traditional... and we support that! Whether it's a donut stand, a donut wall, a popsicle cart, or an entire candy table, your desserts will communicate how fun you guys are, while still satisfying everyone's sweet tooth! Don't be afraid to be different and get creative: we had a couple serve fancy glasses of A&W Root Beer, as her last name started with an A and his with a W. It was a hit!

Click to see: Jessica and Nathaniel, Allison and James, Elegant and Timeless Los Poblanos Shoot