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Wedding Shoes for Every Zodiac

Four photos captured by New Mexico based wedding photographer. First photo is of a pair of silver wedding shoes on a light pink bench next to a glass with a floral bouquet. The bouquet has white, pink and peach colored flowers and the bride's vail is draped over the bench and bouquet. The second photo is a bride in her wedding gown sitting down putting on hot pink shoes with bows on them. The third photo is an intricate pair of jeweled wedding shoes on a light blue background next to white flowers. The fourth photo is a pair of wedding shoes on a white background next to a pastel colored wedding bouquet.

Now that we have the big-ticket items crossed off the to-do list, like "Get engaged," let's talk details! Sure, you need to book vendors and send invites. But don't forget to take care of yourself! You only get to do this once, and it's the best excuse to treat yourself. So where to start? Shoes. This is the one time you can justify buying shoes you'll only wear once, and you can buy something normally outside your standard clothing budget. So you should go for it. Go big! There are so many shoes out there that it can be hard to pick the ones. But fear not... We did the work for you! Here's what shoe you should wear based on your zodiac sign.


"Hopeless romantic." That’s always been the way people have described you. You’re very emotional, and we know you will cry on your wedding day. You want something bridal and whimsical, but also something that is in touch with your artistic and imaginative side. You want something fun, but you’re not as bold as some of the other signs. We suggest a nude lace heel with some colored beadwork for a touch of femininity and creativity.

A pair of wedding heels with light blue and light pink embroidered flowers by a pink rose.


We all know that as an Aries bride, you are already excited for all eyes to be on you. You are bold, you love the limelight, and nothing is worse than being bored. You are the party. And you need to make sure your wedding is the most exciting event of the year. So obviously some iconic shoes are a must for an iconic bride. Bubble gum pink Loubitons aren’t something just anyone can pull off... But you can, and we all envy you for it.


You value high-quality items and classic style, but you also need something a little more sexy than plain white pumps. You desire extravagance, but also value sensibility. For your big day: consider slipping into a clear shoe with some extra bedazzling for an old Hollywood look to match your stylish, old soul. You are a classic, and your shoes should be too.


You often find yourself caught between two worlds: a social butterfly, but an introvert at heart. You're a multi-faceted person. Decisions can be tough for you, making you sometimes very indecisive. Wedding shoes? A big deal. You only get to pick a pair once, but you can have the best of both worlds. High style and extreme comfortability. Honor your sensible side with a pair of flats, and your high energy fun-loving side with beading and lace.


You are sensitive and loyal, almost to a fault. You are definitely thinking of all your guests while planning your wedding, and maybe you even forgot to pick out your own details. We love a selfless bride, but really, make sure you’re making yourself a priority! Choosing a strappy beaded heel will help give you a confidence boost and fit with your ‘good vibes only’ goal for your wedding day. Also, these little Swiss dots add a touch more fun, and you deserve more fun!


"Bold" is one word we would always use to describe you. You have a big personality and need shoes to show it. You’re not looking for something over the top, but you definitely want to choose something no one else really does. Satin is classic, but that’s not what you need. You need velvet. And in a creative and exciting new color, like a bright, velvet green.


You are a perfectionist. Your wedding is in an organized binder, and you have selected only the best. You tend to choose more modest and practical items for your everyday life, but you deserve something to match your polished and classy vibes. Classic white is perfect for you, and the crystal ankle straps on these Jimmy Choo's are screaming sophistication. What could be more you?


When asked about the most charming people we know, you’re who comes to mind. You are a romantic at heart. You are sociable, and you are very well-liked. Everything in your life is perfectly balanced, so you need a shoe that is equal parts classic and flirty. Satin? Lace? Beading? There are so many options. But that’s ok! Because these satin heels with touches of beading tick all the right boxes.


You are passionate, headstrong, and have taken the bull of wedding planning by the horns. You know exactly what you want and will make sure that it happens. You believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and your personal motto is “Life is short, buy the shoes.” And that is exactly what you should do. You’re not going for subtlety, so we recommend a studded and strappy heel like these gorgeous Valentinos.


Okay, so maybe the term "wild child" was thrown around a lot when you were younger. It’s not your fault that you’re adventurous, energetic, and generally curious about life. You’ve never been a status quo kind of person. You need a shoe that fits in with the fieriness people have often pointed out in you. We suggest bold and bright fuchsia or magenta shoes. This warm, fiery tone matches you perfectly, and a bow and some gold detailing add an extra touch of “I am woman, hear me roar.”


You are all about the creature comforts. Being cozy is of the utmost importance to you. And for good reason. You are graceful and practical. You want something beautiful but reasonable. We suggest a classic open toe. Classics are classics for a reason. They’re well-loved and have made a well-deserved impact on the bridal industry. You can go white, nude, plain, blinged. Either way, this low chunky heel will be comfortable all night long, and you know you can probably wear these again. Unlike those bridesmaids' dresses...


Let’s be honest, you’re here to make a scene. Everybody, move out of the way. Aquarius coming through! You haven’t spent a second thinking about the latest bridal trends because you need something that screams ‘life of the party” and “all eyes on me.” So we know you’ll be setting the trends. You’re not excited about kitten heels and lace. No, you need something like these trendy and blinged-out boots to prove your point, this is a party after all.