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Hallie and Lee | A Romantic Springtime Engagement at Los Poblanos| New Mexico Wedding Photographers

It's not often that we do morning engagement sessions, especially on a Sunday, but with Hallie and Lee having only a limited window of time before they returned to their home in Florida, we knew we just had to make an exception! We caught up with the pair mere hours before their flight, and we're so glad we did, because these photos came out simply magical.

The couple met in New York City (swoon) at a friend's engagement, where said friend proceeded to set them up. Not all people are good at playing matchmaker, but this friend must have hit the nail on the head, because Hallie and Lee hit it off immediately. The only problem was that Lee was living in Florida at the time, so whatever was blossoming between the two would have to be long distance.

It proved to be no issue whatsoever for the Boston native and Florida resident, as things progressed into a solid relationship with ease and she found herself moving to the Sunshine State to join him.

After they returned from a trip to Paris, France, where they visited the city's stunning Botanical Gardens, Lee thought it would be fitting to propose to Hallie at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, in the city where they first met, and thus asked her to go there with him. She was confused, however, because it was December and, according to her, "everything was dead, so I was wondering why he wanted to go there." Plus, she pointed out that they had just been to the Parisian version of the gardens, where they have "basically the same thing," so she was extra confused with his persistence. Hallie soon discovered his intentions, though, when amidst it all he fell to one knee and asked her to marry him. We think you know what happened from there!

Despite the garden not being it's most lush when Lee popped the question, we think it makes it super appropriate that their engagement session took place among the gorgeous cherry blossom trees peppering Los Poblanos's ever beautiful property. We also love how Hallie discovered Los Poblanos: in an issue of Vogue! How fitting for a former New Yorker!!

We are so excited for their wedding in September!

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