Sarah + Lance | Sandia Foothill Mountaintop Engagement

Sarah and Lance met in college, where they became fast friends. They admitted that there was always a little flirting, but kept it relatively platonic by going to each other for relationship advice. A few years went by, with Sarah having graduated and Lance in the process of completing his flight school with the Navy, when she decided to reach out to him via text to see how he was doing... and they never stopped talking!

As their relationship blossomed and became more serious, Lance decided it was time to pop the question, and he devised a romantic plan to do the trick: he stashed love notes in all of their favorite places and proceeded to take her to every single one so she could find them. They then took a ferry to their favorite bar, and afterward on a walk, he asked her to be his wife along the pier. Of course, she was over the moon and said yes!

Currently, Sarah is the event coordinator at the Hermitage in Virginia, while Lance is still serving in the Navy (and we thank him for his service!) The couple moves around quite a bit due to his job, but they still consider New Mexico to be home. In fact, they did an engagement session in Norfolk, VA as well in order to incorporate and represent both of the special places to them. Beach and mountain/desert pictures? Best of both worlds!

We're so glad they came back home for a second engagement shoot, as this session was absolutely gorgeous! If you frequent our blog often, or just know us in general, you know how obsessed we are with perfect lighting — I mean, duh, we're photographers — but more specifically, we can't get enough of The Glow... and this session was full of it! The setting sun's rays danced across Sarah's hair in the most magnificent manner, making it gleam throughout the entire shoot. It made everything dreamy, but was just overcast enough to avoid harsh shadows and make the mountains in the distance the most beautiful shade of misty blue. The pair couldn't have been luckier weather-wise!

If you couldn't tell, we loved this session. Don't get us wrong, we love every single session we do, but we LOVED this session. Just glance through these romantic, sun-kissed photos, and you'll see exactly why! Congratulations, Sarah and Lance, and we hands-down cannot wait for their stunning wedding come April.