Erica + Casey | An Autumn Engagement in the Santa Fe Mountains| Santa Fe Wedding Photographers

Back in October, we met with Erica and Casey for their autumn engagement session in the Sangre de Cristos in Santa Fe. While this couple is currently living in Denver— with Casey as a Department of Transportation civil engineer and Erica in nursing school— they're originally from our very own Land of Enchantment: he grew up in Santa Fe, and she was raised in Los Lunas.

They met while they were both attending New Mexico State University, as Casey was friends with Erica's cousin, and they kept bumping into each other. She typically saw him at the library and would wonder, "Who is this cute boy?" Then, after her 21st birthday, her cousin invited her to go to the bar with them, which was a perfect opportunity for her to find out more about Casey. Even though her cousin warned Casey that he wasn't allowed to talk to his little cousin since he was protective over her, there was an immediate connection between the two!

Fast forward a bit, and Casey ended up having to move to Denver for his job. After he'd been living there for six months, Erica decided to apply to nursing school in his new city, and moved in with him a week before she'd received results on her application... Luckily, she was accepted!

For Valentine's Day, the pair planned a trip to Iceland (click here to see our own adventures in Iceland!) and went to a stunning waterfall. It was so windy and cold that Erica had pulled her beanie down over her ears and eyes... and thus couldn't hear or see what Casey was doing as he tried to propose to her! Obviously she ended up figuring it out, though!

We're incredibly excited for their sure-to-be-gorgeous wedding at Hotel Albuquerque come August of 2021, and we wish them the best in their wedding planning during the meantime!

Hair and Makeup: Genica Lee