Our Favorite New Mexico Hotel Wedding Venues | Santa Fe and Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

We have brides ask us all the time about wedding venues. After all, there are so many to choose from, regardless of where you live. Here's our top picks for hotels and inns!

Albuquerque Wedding Venues

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.: Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm :.

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places you could have a wedding, this historic property offers so much! From hotel rooms to a restaurant, spa and pool, farm shop, and beautiful locations to walk around and enjoy.

Los Poblanos has many options for locations for your ceremony and reception that range from inside, outside, to a mix of both.

Keep in mind, however, that they are only offering intimate elopements now... which makes it the perfect venue if you're craving micro-wedding vibes with a stunning ambiance.

Some of our favorite Los Poblanos weddings:

Haley and Will, Rachel and Paul, Lauren and Andrew, Sara and Paul, Los Poblanos Styled Shoot, Ruthie and Joel, Emily and Ethan.


.: Hotel Albuquerque :.

Another gorgeous venue!

Hotel Albuquerque offers indoor and outdoor options with their beautiful chapel and popular arbor covered by wisteria in the spring, green ivy in the summer, and beauty all year round!

Your reception can be held inside a ballroom, or outside in the spacious yard and/or under the arbor.

Our Favorite Hotel Albuquerque Weddings:

Allison and James, Kelly and Anthony, Bianca and Anthony, Tiffany and Nathan, Carmela and Justin.


.: Hyatt Regency Tamaya :.

With one of the best views of the Sandias, the Hyatt Regency Tamaya is a wonderful escape for both you and your guests. There are multiple outdoor ceremony locations all across the property, offering you a variety to choose from! As for your reception, there are several indoor options to pick from as well.

Since the property runs along the Rio Grande, it's lined with tall Cottonwood trees that add a dash of greenery (or glowing Autumn colors in the fall!) to our typical desert landscape. But dont worry, if you want some epic mountain shots this special venue also features red mesa's and a beautiful view of the Sandias.

Some of our favorite Tamaya weddings:

Kaitlin and David, Catherine and Chris, Eden and Manuel, Meagan and Daniel, Kenzie and Alex, Abby and Adam, Madison and Javier.


.: Hotel Parq Central :.

The elegant architecture and charming outdoor ceremony location make Hotel Parq Central a little gem located in the heart of Albuquerque. The ceremony spot is perfect for a smaller crowd, making it an ideal fit for couples still wanting to tie the knot during quarantine.

There are beautiful blossom bushes in the spring, colorful hibiscus in the summer, and a Romeo and Juliet worthy balcony to take romantic couples' portraits on all year round.

Receptions can either be held under the lovely gazebo, or inside a spacious ballroom on on their beautiful patio! They also have a rooftop bar overlooking the city that some couples have chosen to host their party!

Our Favorite Hotel Parq Central Wedding:

Joy and Manny


.: Santa Fe Wedding Venues :.

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.: Four Seasons :.

Located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Four Seasons in Santa Fe offers both delightful outdoor and indoor ceremony locations, along with a couple of indoor reception areas for smaller or larger crowds, depending on your preferences!

With beautiful foliage and unique spots like the hotel's tipi, there are countless areas across the 57 acres that are absolutely perfect for stunning couples' portraits. The view of the Jemez mountains is also the perfect backdrop for romantic photos, and the sunsets simply cannot be beaten!

The Four Seasons Santa Fe provides a glamorous southwestern feel, perfect for giving your guests the ultimate taste of Santa Fe.

Our Favorite Four Seasons Weddings:

Stacey and Manny, Allie and Derek, Alissa and Clint, Jessica and Matt


.: La Posada :.

A stunning option for anyone who is in love with garden weddings! La Posada lies a bit outside the main tourist section of Santa Fe, which means you get some privacy while still being close to everything. Furthermore, their upkeep is immaculate, so there's plenty of greenery and stunning backdrops to stick our couples and bridal parties in front of.

When it comes to ceremony locations, you can choose between the spacious lawn or the restaurant patio. Either way, it's sure to look incredible! As for reception options, the venue offers a range of spaces than accommodate anywhere from a small number of guests, to a high number of guests. (We're talking 300 people, though no one is going to be utilizing that to it's full capacity any time soon. However, it could be a good option if you still want quite a few guests, as it gives you the opportunity to spread out their tables sufficiently).

Our favorite receptions have been held in tents on the lawn, though. Glance at the photos above and you'll see why!

Our Favorite La Posada Weddings:

Makenzie and Clark, Carly and Chris.


.: La Fonda on the Plaza :.

This venue is smack dab in the middle of downtown Santa Fe, meaning if you love that city feel— or if you just love Santa Fe itself— this is perfect for you! The rooftop terrace is our absolute favorite ceremony spot, as it provides a wonderful overlook of the city, while still having a mountain backdrop, along with an exquisite view of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi... all three of which only become more magical at sunset! It also has four ballrooms as potential reception spots, giving you diverse options.

There's also the fun and unique tradition of being escorted by a mariachi band around the plaza. This is a special experience if your guests are from out of state, while also being an experience that Santa Fe natives enjoy as well!

Our favorite La Fonda Weddings:

Morgan and Dylan, Dayna and Michael, Ginny and Colton.


Stay tuned for part two of our favorite venues featuring hidden gems and estates!