Ashley and Seth | A Wintery Old Town Engagement | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

After hearing where Ashley and Seth met, we can confidently say that they were destined to tie the knot... because it was at a wedding! About six months later after that fateful day in the fall of 2016, the pair began dating.

Fast forward to Seth's 29th birthday: the couple traveled to Seattle to celebrate and had a blast touring the city and its tasty restaurants. On the last day, which was actually Seth's birthday, they decided to go to the Smith Tower for a few drinks. While they were sitting at the table talking, he told Ashley he wanted to get a few pictures of them before it became too dark. He then asked the server, who he apparently briefed his plan with beforehand, if she could snap a couple photos for them. In turn, she led them to the outside patio that had a breathtaking view of the city skyline at sunset, and began their impromptu mini shoot. As Ashley was handing the phone back to their server, having checked if she liked the first pictures, Seth pulled out the ring box and surprised her by getting down on one knee... and they got iPhone coverage of it all!

Back in December, we met Ashley and Seth in Old Town of Albuquerque for the first part of their engagement session. We died over the glow from the gardens of the San Felipe de Niri Church, the simple but Christmasy vibes of the white shops with their bright red bows, and, in typical southwestern fashion, all the fun cactus! We then changed locations while they changed outfits, and somehow achieved photos that were even more stunning at a nearby park. The winter glow that gleams off the pond and illuminates the pair is truly beyond words it's bordering on magical! Plus, Ashley's cobalt dress really makes her hair and skin tone pop in the most beautiful way.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of our favorites from this enchanting session!