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Remember our fun blog all about Maura? Well We thought we should introduce you to the entire MJ team! If you missed it, here's the blog all about our fearless leader.

So today we're going to introduce you to Sarah! Sarah is our associate shooter here at Maura Jane Photography. There's a good chance that she could be the one photographing your engagement session and wedding, or that she may be a second shooter with Maura at your big day!

And since there's a pretty good chance you could meet her, we thought you should get to know her a little first!

Here are some fun things about Sarah!

1) Her and her husband Jeremy have been married for four years this October. They met on Facebook and after some online and in person dating they were married in San Antoni, Texas! Sarah moved to the 505 after the wedding, and the two have been happily married with their adorable (but crazy and mischievous) pooch Kevin since.

2) She's a Texas native. This means you'll usually find her singing along to any country song that comes on the radio or during a reception, she also can't help but say "Y'all" pretty often.

3) Sarah and her husband are foster parents. These two have such compassionate spirits and loving hearts and have decided to welcome children into their home. They foster children at all ages and we so admire their willingness and selflessness!

4) Sarah has the strangest coffee drinking habits. She drinks a lot of it. But that's not the weird part. She is a coffee over a latte type of gal. But she's incredibly particular about her coffee creamer. To the point that when we travel for weddings, she actually packs her own creamer with her, just in case the hotel or gas station doesn't have the creamer she likes.

5) She also has a strong taste for junk food. If you're ever craving something sweet and terrible for you, eat it with Sarah, because you will feel no judgment! Her favorites include candy that's meant for a 9 year old, Pepsi and Pizza Pockets. She even has a drawer that her husband teases her about. It's where she hides all the snacks that she's ashamed to eat in public.

6) Sarah also LOVES competitive tv. Especially America's Got Talent. You can find her glued to the tv when it comes on. She actually fast forwards through the bad auditions. She just really loves reality TV and TV that shows peoples lives. Even if its not 100% real. Sarah has always been a people watcher, and we all love to sit a judge people hehe!

7) She loves a good statement necklace. She has tons and wears them all! And when she isn't wearing her J. Crew collection, she's obsessing over Kendra Scott (Remember, she's a Texan.) There was lots of excitement when they opened a location here in Albuquerque.

8) On top of her love of necklaces, she has a peacoat obsession. And though she wears her necklaces all equally, she literally wears the same exact pea coat all the time. We all have our favorites right? The Peacoat in question:

9) But don't worry! She's not always in front of the TV! Sarah and her husband go hiking quite frequently. Their dog Kevin loves to tag along too! They enjoy being outside and love hiking and exploring new places!

10) Favorite place she's traveled to: Oregon. Hands down. Sarah and her husband love being outdoors so Oregon was perfect! Oregon has so much effortless beauty at any time of the year. And since she has family there, she gets to visit often. The waterfalls are her favorite, you can hike for miles and then just stop and swim in a waterfall, so it's easy to see how she's fallen in love.

We love getting to work with Sarah! She is so funny and compassionate, and definitely keeps us all in a great mood!

She always sees the best in people and goes above and beyond to serve others.

We'd love to get to know you too!

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