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Holly + Cooper | Sweet Engagement at Blame Her Ranch |Santa Fe Wedding Photographers

Holley and Cooper met in their second year of Law School at Texas Tech University School of Law when he asked to borrow her notes. They became fast friends, and they stayed good friends throughout school. After they graduated, they both ended up having jobs in Lubbock, TX. They soon began dating, and after two and a half years, he decided it was time.

Cooper asked for her dad's blessing in December of 2019, but was waiting to propose. He finally decided that March of 2020 would absolutely perfect, as they were going on a trip... but then the pandemic hit, and they had to cancel. A couple months later, they bought a golden retriever puppy, Sunny, and a couple months after that, Cooper was ready. He told Holley that they would be going out to dinner that evening, so she needed to be ready after work. She found it strange, though, because Texas restaurants had just opened back up, and they hadn't really been going out, plus he was "just acting kind of weird." When the time had come for them to leave, he took her to into the backyard because he had gotten Sunny a new toy that he wanted her to see.

As Sunny ran to greet her, Holley realized she was wearing a bandana that said "Marry Dad?" She turned around to find Cooper on one knee, proposing, with his best man— who had been hiding in the yard with Sunny— capturing it on his iPhone.

They're currently building their first home (how exciting!), so that's taking up most of the pair's time at the moment. Otherwise, they spend time outside playing with their sweet puppy. Holley says that "in a lot of ways we are opposites, but I think that's what makes us work. I am much more quiet and shy, a planner, and more patient. He is outgoing, spontaneous, go with the flow, and impatient. We balance each other." We love that!

Congratulations, Holley and Cooper (and Sunny!), and your wedding at Blame Her Ranch come July is sure to be stunning!

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