Hannah & Josh | A Summer Wedding at The View Event Center | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

Hannah and Josh met through a dating app at a time where neither of them were taking it too seriously, expecting nothing to really come of it. After talking for weeks, though, they finally decided to meet up. Josh cooked a homemade meal for Hannah at his apartment, and, after being wise and sharing her location with a few friends— nothing against Josh, it’s just always good to be safe! haha— she made the fateful decision to go. Josh made a lasagna she could eat, as she was a vegetarian at the time, and they immediately hit off! They then spent the whole evening talking. During their first date, one of Josh’s roommates walked through their date, which became a running joke between the three of them as the couple’s relationship progressed, since he somehow always found himself walking through most of their dates. This would later play a role in Josh’s proposal! (So keep reading to see how!)

Being a planner, Hannah told Josh that, if he were ever to propose, she had a few conditions, one of which being that it needed to be captured on video. When the time finally came, they had plans to stay in and make steak; a few days beforehand, however, Josh told Hannah that there had been a change, they’d be going out instead, and she needed to make sure to dress nicely. She was of course a little confused in the altering of plans, but conceded nonetheless. When she arrived at his apartment, her favorite bottle of wine, candles, and flowers were decorating the island kitchen counter… which Josh told her had been set up by his roommate, Luke (the one who interrupted many of their dates), for his girlfriend. After Hannah dropped her things off downstairs and returned to the kitchen, Josh led her in front of the decorated island… and proposed! Luke took pictures while his girlfriend did video. Throughout the entire proposal, Hannah kept asking Josh if he was serious over and over— which can be heard very audibly in the video— and he was in fact very serious! Haha.

The two’s wedding day was so beautiful, starting at a Catholic church for the ceremony, before doing pictures in a stunningly sunny park, and ending with a sparkling reception at The View Event Center. Even though it was storming during their reception, they took it in stride and danced in the rain! The candids from that moment were adorable!

Congratulations, and we wish you both the utmost happiness in all the years to come!


Venue: The View Event Center

Photographers: Sarah and Hannah

Video: Southwest Wedding Films

Ceremony: John XXIII Catholic Community

Florals: Charlotte’s Flowers

Hair: Edith Shaw

Jewelry: Kay Jewelers and Romero Jewelers

Shoes: Lulus

Dress: Lulus

Suit: Suits Unlimited

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

DJ: Mixx the Beat Productions

Cake: Whole Foods

Desserts: Cafe Venture Catering