Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Recently, bridesmaids boxes have become a staple for asking your best friends to be in your wedding party. But what about the groom's side of things? Our typical audience tends to consist of our brides, and also other photographers looking to learn a little somethin' somethin'. Today, however, we're shaking it up and addressing the guys!

Groomsmen's boxes are becoming a trend following the spike in bridesmaid's boxes, usually consisting of a form of alcohol, pocket knife, shot glass, socks, and an amusing card that says something like "This could have been done in a text, but she made me send you this." With that being said, if you want splurge a little on your boys via one specifically nice item, then we have some suggestions for you!

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To begin with are the basics: socks. Socks can elevate your whole party's look by cohesively tying everyone together. For instance, you can all wear the same color and pattern, or add a little more personality by doing the same pattern in different colors for everyone.

Socks by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Take it a step further, and make everyone's completely different (we know you've seen the Pinterest pictures of all the pant's legs being pulled up to reveal different superheroes, sports teams, your favorite activities, etc). If you keep them a secret, even your bride can get a kick out of them!

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Keeping in the vein of looking dapper for the wedding, many groomsmen's gift sites offer grooming packages. While a "grooming package" sounds like what you're paying for when you drop off your dog to be bathed and have its nails trimmed, they actually contain a lot of useful items! For example, if your friends have an array of facial hair, many of these kits come with razors, mustache pomades, beard oils, and so on to keep them looking their best. Who knows, maybe it will even help them score a wife.

Peep the facial hair game on these grooms

There's also personalized cufflinks, stamped tie clips, and monogramed watches that will ensure your wedding party is as debonair as they can be!

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If you and your groomsmen are into sports, another idea would be to order personalized footballs/basketballs/baseball bats/ whatever you play. Or if you live an active lifestyle without being into sports, customized gym bags are also a great option.

Speaking of personalized bags, a duffle bag would be an ideal gift to give before heading to your bachelor party, particularly if it's a destination one. Or if it's going to be an outdoor trip, why not gift your bros an awesome cooler?

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More popular groomsmen gifts tend to revolve around alcohol. Whether it's a flask, shot glass, custom bottle opener, custom bottle of alcohol, or whiskey ice cubes, these gifts are great because you can easily add the name of your best man and friends, along with the date of your wedding, their nickname, you name it!

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If you're more of a traditional guy, give these gifts a try: box of steak knives, grill set, or a personalized leather wallet.

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But if you want to go for something unique, while also practical, then consider a docking station. Useful at work or at home, you can help your friends stay organized, as it has a slot for watches (maybe even an engraved one you got him as another part of his gift), keys, and a stand for a charging station, be it phone or tablet!

Docking station by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

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Or are you and your friends more about experiences, rather than just putting their name/title of "Groomsmen" on an item? No worries, we have just the suggestion for you: Vouchers. Vouchers are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to whatever you and your boys enjoy. Be it for Beer of the Month, a fishing trip, or indoor skydiving, they're sure to enjoy it! If you're the jokester in your group, you could send your friends a voucher for a tattoo and say, "this is in case you wanted to join me in doing something permanent."

No matter how you want to celebrate your homies, (or if you want to make your husband appreciate his), there are plenty of perfectly personalized groomsmen gifts out there that just might make him show up on time.

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