Cristina & Eric | Gorgeous Corrales Engagement | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

Eric and Cristina are like most modern couples: a dating app success story! They started on "plenty of fish," but it wasn't a great time for Cristina to be kindling a new relationship, as she had just moved home (here in NM) from her PA residency in Michigan and was getting into the swing of her new job. After a few months, she downloaded another app, and there he was! He messaged her with, "Remember me?" and sure enough, it was hook, line, and sinker.

Originally, Eric had wanted to propose just before leaving for a trip they had planned to France... but that was cancelled for pretty obvious reasons. But that didn't discourage Eric! Cristina had had the feeling it was coming, whether before or during their personal Tour de France, so she made sure to tell him she didn't require anything "super extravagant," she just wanted to get married. Even though Cristina knew it was coming, she didn't realize he'd already ordered the ring... So in October, they had to cancel a trip to Austin due to her being exposed to COVID at work, and while stuck at home, they decided to do a staycation with a side of house work. On their first day off, they took their dogs for a walk, and, being the planner she is, she started to tell him about where she wanted to start on chores. He told her he wasn't sure if he felt like it yet— and then five minutes later, Eric appeared with her Shitzu in hand. She had a sign around her neck saying, "Will you marry my dad?" Cristina loved it, because it was "simple yet perfect," exactly how she'd wanted! Apparently he'd tried to get her to walk to Cristina... but since they'd gone on a long walk just prior, she'd taken two steps and flopped down, so he'd had to carry her.

Cristina joked that Eric loves the outdoors, and that she just attempts to keep up. He's best at letting her set the pace and talking her through hikes, which she likes because he pushes her past what she thinks her limits are, and she ends up seeing some awesome things along the way! Before COVID, they had a group of friends they would regularly do "Geeks Who Drink" with at local breweries, which they can hopefully pick back up soon! Beyond that, the pair loves to travel, and they made it goal early on in their relationship to travel out of the country at least once a year— which we love!

These two were so sweet and fun to shoot during their engagement session, we absolutely cannot wait for their sure to be stunning wedding come July!