Melise + Nick | A White Mesas Engagement Session

Many of our couples' proposal stories could bring you to the verge of tears with how sweet, romantic, and well thought out they are... This one brought us to tears through laughter! (In a good way!) Melise and Nick both love to camp, so for her birthday, he took her to Big Bend National Park in Texas. They were watching the sun as it set from their campsite, and Nick knew this was the perfect moment to propose. Instead of getting down on one knee, Nick nervously handed her a box and said "You should see if this fits." Melise pulled out the beautiful engagement ring and... ironically, the ring did not fit. The pair had a good laugh and spoke more about the ring, then Nick asked, "So... will you marry me?"

Of course, she said yes!

Before they began dating, she lived in New York. Then, after her big move across the country, they both ended up working for the city of Albuquerque. Their desks were actually right across from each other! They worked together in the same office for about seven years, slowly becoming friends, which eventually led to a relationship. While this laid back pair camps, he likes to birdwatch, and she in turn catches bugs.

We absolutely love how Sarah captured their fun personalities at the stunning white mesas, an epic backdrop for any shoot! Keep scrolling to watch as they twirl, embrace, and giggle in the amazing New Mexican landscape.

Photographer: Sarah with Maura Jane Photography