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Carolyn and Nick | A Magical Downtown Santa Fe Engagement Session | Santa Fe Wedding Photographers

Carloyn and Nick were introduced to each other by Carolyn's former English teacher. How they hadn't met before that is a mystery, because they both attended Boston University (where Nick would frequently but unknowingly attend Carloyn's a-cappella concerts), and must have passed each other a multitude of times, completely unaware. After she graduated from BU, she moved home to Santa Fe and began coaching cross country at St. Mikes. At the same time, Nick happened to move back as well, and his dad, the principal of St. Mikes, asked if he'd be interested in teaching. As it turns out, he was.

It was during this time that she happened to run into her former teacher who told her about a young man who had not only recently moved to Santa Fe, but had also attended her alma mater. After they were introduced, they began to have weekly Starbucks meet ups, where they would have coffee and really get to know each other. They were seeing other people at the time, but Carloyn said "I'm grateful that we spent time as friends and really learned about each other before ever deciding to date." The five years of friendship really gave them a strong foundation to build upon.

In 2017 they had their first official date, and two years later, on their second anniversary, they got engaged! The week leading up to the day Nick had planned was incredibly busy for Carolyn, as she'd had a conference at work, meaning her nights stretched late and her days ran long. The special day then rolled around and Nick had everything ready... but Carolyn wasn't up to going on their sunrise adventure. Luckily, he was able to convince her, and they proceeded to hike Sun Mountain. As they watched the dawn's rays spill over the slopes, he got on one knee and brought her to tears with his proposal.

While, like so many others, their original wedding plans have changed due to COVID-19, they still are optimistic and joyous regarding their big day, and we absolutely love how their downtown Santa Fe engagement session turned out! The red dress Carolyn began the session in was quite significant to her, as her great-grandmother had made it for her grandmother when she was 18! We also died over her second dress, because as she and Nick slow motion jogged away from us toward the Downtown Santa Fe Courthouse, she looked like she was a character straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites of these two cuties!



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