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Changing Your Last Name | A Guide on How and Where to Change Your Name After Your Wedding

Us girls over here at MJP have all dealt with name changes, and we know, its a pain in the butt and can be super stressful! DMV and social security office lines, passports and banks... Don't even get me started!

So, to help you out and hopefully spare you a few tears, we have put together a list on how to change your name! One of our lovely brides Cayla, (you can see her beautiful wedding here) has also added a few things, like where you should change your name.

So bookmark this for later because you're going to need it, and make sure to read until the end, because we have a bonus photo checklist you can save to make the process easier.

Alright, here we go!

.: File your Marriage Certificate :.

  • File your certificate in the same building, same office, etc, that you received it in.

  • Then you will receive a copy: order a few of them. Most places you change your name will require this certificate, but not all of them will give it back to you.

.: Legally Change Your Name :.

  • Next, go to the Social Security Office to actually change your name.

  • This is not something to be squeezed in on a lunch break, it's going to take time.

You will need to bring:

  1. Identification (Either a real ID drivers license, or a passport)

  2. Birth certificate

  3. Marriage license (Again they MAY keep this copy)

  4. Social Security number

.: New Name, New License :.

There are a few ways to change your license... unfortunately, you have to take a new unflattering photo for all of them.

Changing just your name:

  1. Marriage certificate

  2. Social security Card (new one OR old one and temporary from the SS office)

  3. Old driver's license (unless you don't have one, in which case you need your birth certificate)

Changing your name and address:

  1. All of the above

  2. Two proofs of residency (such as bills or statements)


  1. If you are moving in with your husband and you don't have bills yet: his license. (With the marriage certificate, they can change your address to match his.)

  2. Same goes for if he moves in with you. (If you go into the DMV together, they can copy the address with a marriage certificate.)

.: Stay Covered with Insurance :.

  • If you're being added on your partner's insurance, their work will provide a dependent verification form.

  • If you're staying on your own insurance, contact your provider and ask how they run the process. (Make sure you call your car insurance too!)

.: Loans :.

  • If you own a house and the mortgage is under your name, call your lender and inform them of the change. This will update the name on the house, loan, and homeowner's insurance.

  • You also need to do this for a car loan. Go to the bank, update your name on the bank account as well. (Do this before changing your name at work).

  • You can change your name for student loans as well, but it's not mandatory.

.: Work Work Work Work :.

  • Ask your employer was they require. Typically, SSC and driver's license is it, but every place is different.

  • Double check with payroll, and make sure you've changed the info with your bank first.

.: Passports :.

Unfortunately, this process is a little trickier. You have to send in your:

  • Marriage certificate

  • License

  • Old Passport

  • And more, depending on how recently you got your old passport, along with what form you're eligible to fill out. More specific details can be found on that here.

.: Where else should you change your name? :.

Cayla gave some great tips for places you might not always think of right away:

1. TSA Precheck

  • They ask you to email The subject line should be "Name Change."

  • You must include a copy of your marriage certificate and driver's license.

  • Make sure that all your PDF files have your KTN (known traveler number) and expiration date on the top of the page.

2. Gym Memberships/Any Other Memberships

  • Most places you can just go online and edit your profile. (Ex: Netflix or Stitch Fix)

  • Other places (like a gym) may require an ID for a name change.

3. Bills and Payments

  • Make sure any of your utilities and credit cards get switched over. If you ever have a problem that needs fixing, it would be awful if your ID didn't have the same name and they couldn't help you.

  • It's also possible that you will overpay, and they might write you a check to pay you back your overpayment. If they write the check with your maiden name, your bank might not let you deposit it.

4. Doctor's Offices

  • As you make appointments with your doctors, make sure you always inform them of your name change and any insurance change.

  • Remember: If they bill your insurance with the wrong name, insurance will come back saying they're not paying for anything.

We made a checklist for you so that you can save it to you phone and keep it handy!