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Hailey + Evan | Bright and Bold Casa Rondena Wedding | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

Hailey and Evan met when they were much younger at a summer camp. They became fast friends playing cards and soaking in the summer bliss hanging out with each other all week... but when the camp came to an end, they went their separate ways. Fast forward 5 years, Evan moved back to Albuquerque and when he ran in to Hailey again, he insisted on taking her out to dinner.

When Evan decided to propose, Hailey of course said yes and jumped right in to wedding planning. A little bird at the wedding told us that Evan was a very hands on groom and even picked the beautiful coral color from a pocket square he found. They chose Noah's as their venue for they both loved its classic modern look and things were all starting to fall in to place. If you work or follow the wedding industry, then you know that there was a huge scandal, and Noah's shut its doors leaving so many couples across the country with no where to say I do, including sweet Hailey and Evan. I sent the duo a list of some of our favorite venues and tried to help them in any way we could! Turns out, Casa Rondena had their date available and they could start planning again. We were so excited for them as Casa Rondena is one of the most beautiful places in town!

Fast forward to 2020, the year of their wedding, you know the story, the entire country shuts down. Hailey and Evan, among so many other couple's, made the sad decision to postpone their day. However they quickly realized they didn't want to spend another second not married, and decided to elope in a family members back yard. We were so happy we were able to attend! They said they would have their big party next year on their 1 year anniversary and would renew their vows.. but when things weren't looking any better in 2021, Hailey feared they may have to postpone yet again. A week later the entire state went turquoise and the vow renewal was given a green light and their dream day was FINALLY happening! We loved that they joked that it was their planned wedding number 3 and almost became wedding number 4.

Scroll through some of our most favorite photos of the day of this amazing couple below!

Congrats Hailey and Evan, we are so glad we have been a part of not one but TWO of your weddings.


Venue: Casa Rondena

Hair: Genica Lee

Makeup: Ashlee Mendoza

Dress 1: Davids Bridal

Dress 2: JJ's House

Suits: Suits Unlimited

Florals: Charlotte's Flowers

Shoes: Bobs

DJ: DJ Styles

Cake: Amanda Moore

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