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Candidly Captured | Some of Our Favorite Candid Moments

Today we're doing things a little differently here on the MJP blog... instead of sharing beautifully posed, curated couple's photos or perfectly placed details, we're displaying our favorite candids! From first looks with Dad, to Grandma tearing up as you walk down the aisle, we want to show how we capture every precious moment of the day you've been: waiting so long for, working so hard for, and planning so long for. Keep scrolling to see the best sweet, and even hilarious, moments we have frozen in time for our incredible couples.

Getting Ready

These are some of the most intimate photos of the day, which might be surprising, but it's just you, your friends, and your family as you do your thing.

First Looks

Whether it's with your partner, your parent, your child, or your absolute best friends, first looks are always emotional... even for us! Gets Hannah right in the feels every time.


Both tearful and with lots of big smiles, ceremonies always have amazing emotional moments and produce absolutely beautiful candids. Our favorites are usually of the grooms, from tears to shouts of joy, they always have the best reactions! But the sweet shots of crying family members and ecstatic couples, grinning at each other as the moment they've been waiting for finally comes, are just as wonderful.

Couple's Portraits

Candids are a little more difficult during couple's portraits, as we're posing the couple during the whole process. Luckily, we're shooting the entire time and capture the little moments shifting from location to location and pose to pose, and we capture all the unplanned giggles, smiles, and kisses in between.

Family and Bridal Party

From little ones giving the bride a flower to popping champagne, this section is full of sweet, joyful moments!


Finally, we have the last part of the night... the reception! Scroll to see sentimental moments, awesome dance and party photos, tequila donkeys and shots with Grandma... they're sure to bring a smile to your face!

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