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Alejandrina + Pablo | A Colorful Styled Shoot in the Bosque | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

Back in February, we did a special giveaway for Valentine’s Day. In order to enter, all couples submitted their love stories, and we received such magical entries that we extended it to have two winning pairs! One of these couples was Alejandrina and Pablo. She was taking a class that ended with a fantastic trip to Spain, and he was the student teacher. Originally having her hesitations about going on the trip, Pablo managed to convince Alejandrina otherwise. It was while they were in the gorgeous European country that they began to fall for each other. As it all drew to a close, Pablo guided her to the beach on the Mediterranean waters and told her how he was feeling for her, and then they kissed... and it was Alejandrina’s first kiss ever! Talk about romantic!!

We immediately began planning something special. Originally, the shoot was going to be during peak cherry blossom season, with the overall theme being a romantic, whimsical daydream in soft pink. But then the state was shut down. Not only were these two so amazing in their patience and willingness to roll with the punches, but Amanda with Bosque Flower Studio, our florist for the shoot, was as well.

After pushing back the date of the shoot several times, we finally were able to take pictures about a month after we had intended. The theme then changed to basically whatever we could do, and we gave Amanda free reign on the florals... and boy, did she deliver! With all the current changes and restrictions, flowers have been scarce and she didn’t have her usual selection. We weren’t sure what to expect and were just grateful that she still wanted to help make it all happen— and then we saw the bouquet she arranged! The colors were stunning, and the garden roses were absolutely exquisite.

We were even lucky with the weather, as it was sunny, breezy, and the light in the Bosque was magnificent. Rarely do we stick to one spot for so long, but the golden rays streaming through the trees made it hard to leave our first location. However, we’re glad we did move on, because where we finished was covered in the cutest little wildflowers!

We’d also like to thank Laura McDowell for the last minute hair and makeup help... Alejandrina looked like Princess Jasmine on her and Aladdin’s wedding day, and it made our faces basically turn into the heart-eye emoji!

While the shoot didn’t go as we’d first intended or envisioned, it came out equally as gorgeous, and we couldn’t have asked for better people to help make it all happen!

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Flowers: Bosque Flower Studio

Photos: Hannah for Maura Jane Photography

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