Best Gifts for Your Bridesmaids!

One of the trends we will always support are bridesmaid boxes. What better way to ask your friends to spend time and money on your bachelorette, bridal shower, and bridesmaid dress/outfit than to give them a personalized gift on the front end to show how much you appreciate them? Whether it's a pretty robe they'll use time and again, a monogrammed wine tumbler, or jewelry, your friends will surely feel the love and be elated at the little surprise.

Here are our recommendations from a site dedicated to this exact purpose,


If you want to prep your friends for all the bachelorette adventures, there are adorable customizable crop hoodies that will immediately identify you as a wedding party (free drinks, anyone?)

With friends who love glitz and glam, we'd definitely suggest this page.

Here you can find bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more to spice up with personal touches. For our boho clients who can't get enough southwestern vibes, we'd definitely pick this.

Or for friends that are so amazing that one gift won't cut it, there are gift sets that you won't have to spend time organizing— you have enough high stress planning going on. There are hearts, succulents, candles, bath bombs, you name it! Enough options to cover all the bases.

And with friends that drink iced coffees, enjoy a good glass of wine, or both... these tumblers will be a hit! They come in incredibly cute and, yet again, customizable designs!

Beyond all the fun stuff, there's plenty of everyday items here that are guaranteed to be used (like pajama sets, towels, yoga mats, bags, and more!), especially if your bridal party tends to be on the more practical side: