One of our Favorite Trends: Animals at Weddings | Albuquerque Wedding Photographers

It's no secret that the Maura Jane Team loves doggos. They are too pure for this world, and we don't deserve them. So you can only imagine our excitement when we see dogs... at weddings!! Aka, the most adorable thing ever!!!

Whether they're in daisy chains, floral collars, or suits...

and whether they're cake toppers, or part of the wedding party as the cutest furry flower girl ever...

We always are filled to the brim with cute aggression!

But it's doesn't stop there, oh no no. We're die-hard animal lovers, which means that of course we'll take pictures of you with your horses, llamas, or any other party crashers you may have (more on them in just a second)!

And you better believe we relish every second of it!

But what's just as good, if not even better, than pets at weddings??? Unexpected animals paying you a visit! It's almost like a good luck wish for your marriage. Okay, maybe that's a bit much, but the point is that you end up with cuter pictures than any of us were expecting!

One of our favorite reoccurring crashers is Mouse, the adorable farm cat at Los Poblanos (see above). Typically, at some point or another, he comes to say "Hello" at every wedding we shoot there!

Speaking of Los Poblanos, the peacocks always delight our couples and their guests, along with adding an extra element of fun to their portraits.

As for the geese... they're cute, but make sure you don't walk near their babies even by accident or else they'll start to hiss, charge, and just about ruin a first look! (Ask Maura about Rachel and Paul's wedding! haha).

Now, Conquita and Rosita (show left and right respectively) aren't party crashers by any means; they're actually invited friends that totally bring the party! However, guests usually don't expect them/know they're coming, especially if the guests are from out of state and are unfamiliar with New Mexican traditions, and they always bring a smile— plus tequila— to everyone's faces.

Be it a wild pony wandering across your Icelandic elopement, or fuzzy llamas joining you for sunset portraits in front of the Sandia's, we will always be down to include animals in your wedding portraits!