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Best Of: 2020 Wildflower Minis | Albuquerque Portrait Photographers

Last summer we did a series of Wildflower Mini sessions in the Bosque of Albuquerque. With seven different families— limited to five members of the same family or less— we safely took pictures for one family at a time while the next group waited patiently in their car. We made sure everyone was wearing a mask until the photos were ready to be taken, and we have to say, they came out so fun! They were so cute, in fact, and our clients loved the minis so much, that we decided to expand on it and have a series of Fall Minis, along with currently being in the booking process for Spring Blossom Minis (click here to grab a spot while you still can!) But that's for upcoming posts... For now, scroll through our favorites from our 2020 Wildflower Minis!

Photographers: Maura and Hannah

We loved that we were able to get some adorable giggles out of the kiddos... and of course sneak in a couple romantic shots!


A few minutes into the shoot, their little girl decided she did not appreciate the paparazzi cramping her style— aka us trying to get her to smile. But how cute is the series of her dad putting the flower in her hair?! So sweet!


Usually siblings aren't all that willing to cooperate, as hugging your sister isn't the most fun thing to do when you're a five year little old boy. But these cuties were down to tickle each other, embrace, and play in the flowers together!


We also did headshots at the minis! With 15 minutes to shoot whatever our clients desired, it was the perfect time frame to knock out some great headshots for both business and social media.


This little boy loved smelling the flowers— which made for some adorable portraits! We loved that their outfits were something out of a Pinterest family session, and the light was *chef's kiss* for their entire time slot.


These two cuties are actually a Maura Jane Photography couple! We loved having fun with them while we were shooting, and we can't wait to shoot their sure-to-be stunning wedding come June!


Wrapping up our minis was this sweet pair... and their irresistible furbabies! We always love when couples involve their pets, and this absolutely was no exception. Just look at their headshots! We died!


That's a wrap on our favorites from our 2020 Wildflower Minis! Make sure to keep an eye out for more coming this summer... and if you haven't booked your Spring Blossom Minis, make sure to hop on that train before you miss it!

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