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2020 Wedding Trends |New MexicoWedding Photographers

As we enter the new year, we wanted to discuss all of the new trends for weddings that we've been experiencing: what we think is important, what we absolutely love, and what we want to leave behind in 2019.


Invitations used to be incredibly uniform: all the details were engraved on a card that maybe had a splash of personality and were very formally written (see left.) Now, however, invitations include beautiful and unique calligraphy, along with the ability to really personalize it while tying in the theme of your wedding (see below right photo).

Engagement Photos

Like how the first look has become a borderline staple for just about every wedding, engagement pictures are quickly becoming encompassed into the wedding process... and for good reason! Engagement photos are nothing new, but how and where they're being taken is. Couples are now doing next level engagement sessions, wherein they travel to take pictures in breath-taking locations, bring champagne and bouquets, include their animals, and, to put it simply: are elevating in style.

Engagement sessions allow you to practice the poses, grow comfortable in front of the camera, and really increase your trust in your wedding photographer! Furthermore, your makeup artist and hair stylist will be doing a trial for you before the big day anyways, so why not use this as an excuse to dress up, go somewhere special, and receive even more pictures of you and your love?

If you decide to go the more traditional route of not doing a first look, that's totally fine, but we hands-down, one hundred percent (and we cannot emphasize this enough) recommend that you do an engagement session with your wedding photographer.

White Wedding Dresses

Gone are the days of the stark white wedding dress, and we couldn't be more excited! The harsh white can be unflattering on a variety of skin tones, with colors like ivory, champagne, and blush being much more forgiving and complementary. And colorful wedding dresses? We are all for it!

Bottom Left Dress by: Terese Rose Designs

Statement Stems

There's a revolution currently happening with floral details and bouquets, too! Okay, maybe "revolution" is a little dramatic, but things certainly are changing. For instance, many bouquets are now comprised of a statement bloom, such as the gigantic protea seen here in Tiffany's stunning bouquet.

Bouquet by: Stephanie Yardman

We are also seeing a rise in the use of fruit nestled amongst the flowers, and we hope it's a trend that's here to stay. In the below left picture, a pink pineapple is hidden adorably inside Monique's bouquet, and in the below right photograph, lemons truly make the simple, elegant design have a pop of fun!

Flowers by: Floriography

There has also been a shift from pastels to bold color choices, and it makes the resulting images vibrant with personality!

Bouquet by: Floriography

Wedding Processional

Honestly, these two trends are probably the things that have us dying (in the best way possible, of course) the most when we encounter them at weddings.

First and foremost are flower grannies. Yeah, you read that right. Flower grannies. This is a fresh, adorable twist on the ceremony processional that most people won't be expecting, and think of how floored and excited your grandma will be when you ask her to be your flower girl. It's an awesome way to involve her in the process, and she will cherish being included. Plus, grandmas tend to behave at least slightly better than kids, and they don't need to be carried down the aisle after crying that they "don't want to do it." Haha!

And that then brings us to the other trend: your furbabies being included in the wedding party. Put 'em in flower collars...

Put em in tuxes...

Either way, they're paw-sitively adorable!

Ceremony Arches and Backdrops

Instagram has certainly upped the aesthetic game in a plethora of areas, and ceremony arches and backgrounds are one of them. Below, this custom arch has a minimalist, industrial feel, and is perfect to pose in front of.

Here, Jessica and Nate chose a backdrop that was elegant and full of greenery, with the metalic ball design balancing out all those details with something simple, yet very pretty.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies are, thankfully, becoming quite common now. Asking guests to not take pictures during your ceremony ensures that not only are they fully in the moment with you, but us photographers can snap that sweet shot of your mom crying... because she isn't blocking her face with a gigantic iPad in the middle of the aisle to get her own shot. Consider asking your officiant to make an announcement as sometimes the signs can be missed!

Ceremony Traditions

We love when our couples get creative and do things that are particular to their relationship. For instance, in the photo below, Clarissa and Steve had a "Whiskey Ceremony" in place of a unity candle or sand ceremony. They poured their two favorite whiskeys into a custom barrel, which would be opened on their anniversary. One whisky was "sweet like Clarissa," while the other was "sharp like Steve."

Bridesmaids Dresses

It used to be that, if you were chosen to be a bridesmaid, you were subject to wearing the dress that the bride picked out for you, whether it flattered your figure or complemented your skin tone or not, end of story. Now, brides are giving their girls options on what to wear, and it makes for a huge difference in how impressive your bridal party will look!

Many brides are going to a bridal shop, choosing a specific color, and then telling their bridesmaids that they can pick any dress within that color. This ensures that not only will there be a layer of individuality to your bridal party, but they will all be wearing dresses that they will genuinely look, and feel, good in.

Another option that's even more freeing is to choose a color scheme/palette that the girls can then pick their different dresses from. The range can be small for a more subtle effect, or over various tones of a color to be more dramatic.

Smaller Bridal Parties

Having a small wedding party immensely relieves anxieties from couples on their wedding day. When you have huge bridal parties, someone always manages to slip off, it makes the process take longer, and the bride usually experiences a good deal of stress over it. By narrowing down who you choose, it's much easier to keep track of everyone, and it makes for a more relaxed environment. You can also include friends that would have been in your bridal party by making them ushers— because that job doesn't have to be done by exclusively men!

Intimate Ceremonies

Speaking of downsizing for the sake of ease, stress, and saving money, there are now "micro-weddings," although we think "intimate weddings" sounds a little more elegant. These ceremonies usually consist of under 50 guests, and truly make your day a breeze. Plus you are able to experience better quality time with your friends and family.

Charcuterie Boards

One way to class up your cocktail hour, while also giving it a unique twist, is to serve charcuterie boards in place of, or alongside, hors d'oeuvres. It's a little hipster, but trust us, it's a lot tasty.

Charcuterie Board by: Olive and Rose

Macarons by: Emerald Pie Bar

Food Trucks

Following the food theme, a new and different way to serve your guests their dinner is by food trucks. It makes your wedding fun and memorable, helps local vendors, and allows you to eat your favorite food on your special day. Tacos, anyone?!

Cakes and Desserts

Bare cakes used to be all the rage (see below for example). But no longer!

Now cakes are including intricate patterns in their icing, along with the addition of other sweets, like ever-photogenic macarons!