2019 Wedding Superlatives | New Mexico Wedding Photographers

Fun Fact: our couples are hands down some of the best in the world.

Every year as we wrap up our wedding season, we can’t help but look back at each wedding with such joy and fondness. Our couples are so special to us and we are so honored they included us in the best day of their lives. Even though we share each wedding after it happens, we’re always looking for any excuse to share them again! So we bring you: round 3 of the Maura Jane Photography Wedding Superlatives! Here is a round up of some of the best parts of our weddings this year!


Best Destination Wedding: Jessica and Joshua

Kicking it off with our favorite thing to do: TRAVEL. Jess and Josh’s wedding was one of our first trips out to North Carolina, and man did it blow us out of the water! The venue was an old historic stone building overlooking the mountains, and as the rain came, you could see the fog rolling in over the hills. We love traveling for weddings and seeing things so different from our home state.

Venue: Omni Grove

Best Ceremony Location: Amber and Ryan

We are still talking about Amber and Ryan's gorgeous wedding around the office. It took place at a super secret location that was part of the Purgatory Resort. Down a hidden dirt road lays the most breathtaking ceremony venue in the woods. The fall weather turned the leaves into hues of gold while we walked with the bride and groom along lakes and meadows, the mountains picturesquely in the distance. Amber and Ryan’s destination wedding was spectacular.

Venue: Purgatory Resort

Best Local Venue: Sandra and Charles

There are venues we love being at time and time again, but going somewhere new for the first time is always special. Sandra and Charles held their wedding at the Dietz Farmhouse and we fell in love! The house is classic and elegant with smooth lines and clean colors inside and out. The outdoor property, with its freshly cut grass and trees lining the yard, invites you into an intimate and organic space to celebrate the new life our bride and groom were starting.

Venue: Dietz Farmhouse

Most Unique Location: Danielle and Matt

There’s unique in the sense of a new state, a new venue, and then there’s “I would have never thought of that!” Danielle and Matt made us think just that. The pair rented out our state famous Cumbres and Toltec Railroad train and held their ceremony on the caboose! We took a few stops throughout the day, jumping off for a series of photos with the couple in the most breathtaking of locations. By far one of our most unique weddings.

Daddy /Daughter First Look: Sevilla and John

Daddy daughter first looks get us every time! Sevilla surprised her dad in her wedding gown, and his reaction was so moving! Her dad was so happy to see her, his eyes watered as the two embraced like only a girl and her dad can.

Best First Look: Amy and Jody

We just love when our couples opt for a first look. Its such a fantastic way to get rid of your jitters, get more portraits, and attend your cocktail hour. Some brides worry their grooms won't have the same reaction as if they were walking down the aisle, but most grooms do, and ESPECIALLY ones like Jody! He was so excited to see his beautiful wife to-be and was completely blown away by her beauty.

Groom's Reaction: Tiffany and Nathan

Ever since “27 Dresses,” people love to look at the groom when the the bride makes her debut down the aisle. Nathan is the reason why. Nathan and Tiffany did a first look but it didn't stop him from having another amazing reaction to his bride as she walked down the aisle. As Tiffany walked toward him, his eyes watered, he held his heart, and he looked at her with excitement and so much love. This is the way every girl dreams her wedding would be.

Best Exit: Alexa + Daniel

We love a good exit and there was just something about the anticipation of the church doors swinging open, and the newlyweds running out, that had us thinking of every good RomCom movie that featured a wedding. Alexa and Daniel had their guests throw dried rose petals from her parents garden as they left the church after saying I do, and we were all about it.

Ceremony Arch: Bobbi and Jose

We've seen our fair share of ceremony arches in out time. But Bobbi and Jose's takes the cake. The hexagonal arch was handmade by Bobbi's cousin who is a wedding planner and florist in California,. He decorated the arch with blush and red roses, white hydrangeas, blue thistles and baby white carnations. They also added pampas grass and spray painted gold palm monstera palm leaves. It was STUNNING!

Designer: Ben Lucero

Best Portrait Locations: Cayla and Phillip

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we have so many amazing options for photos and we are trying to squeeze as many in as possible in 20 minutes. However Cayla and Phillip made sure we had plenty of time with their pictures to capture all the prettiness that their venue had to offer. From the ceremony by the pond to the bridal party pictures in front of the iconic stone house, every spot we took the couple for pictures was prettier than the last.

Venue: Casa Rondena

Best Vows: Caleb and Susie

There are stereotypes out there about men not wanting to write vows. But Caleb is not one of those cliches. Caleb's vows were some of the sweetest and most romantic we’ve ever heard! Everyone was in tears as he poured his heart out to his bride. A moment we will always remember.

Cutest Flower Children: Clarissa and Gerardo

When it came to flower children, it was no contest! The children at Clarissa and Gerardo’s wedding were not only well behaved, but so freaking adorable! The ring bearer, their son, stole the show when we started taking photos! Such a fly kid!

Most Adventurous Couple: Brittany and Michael

It seems to be a common theme that the couple who wins most adventurous, wins because they take part in activities one wouldn’t normally do in a wedding gown. After saying “I do” and running off for photos, these two free spirits decided to go bouldering! (Fitting, since they were wed in Boulder, CO.) We love when our couples do the things they truly want on their day, and make sure their wedding day is fun!

Best Boho Vibes: Caitlin and Cory

Caitlin wanted to make sure that her ranch wedding stood out from the rest. So instead of going with a country theme on her family's horse ranch, she decided on a boho theme. And we love that she did! Her lace wedding gown with flowy sleeves mixed with her long hair worn down gave us vibes of Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch, and every other bohemian icon! They said their vows on the family’s property with the mountains in the back and a macrame backdrop. Greenery and lace could be found throughout the whole day to tie the events together.

Best Reception Details and Theme: Veronica and Mike

Veronica put so much thought and care into her reception details. Everything pointed to her organic industrial look. From the custom made placemats, with paper chose by the groom, who works at a paper company, and cut by his best man, to the copper signage, succulent planters, and spray painted greenery. The black geometric decor pieces and tableware really made the greenery and copper details pop. The themes and colors could be found everywhere, from the invites to the cake, and we loved how much effort Veronica put into her details.

Escort Card Display: Amanda and Jason

For most weddings, a seating chart is a must. And when one is done, you need a way to make sure your guests know where they should sit. Amanda and Jason made a custom escort card display for their guests. Using an old white picture frame and twinkle lights, they hung their seating chart across it for guest to find their spots.

Most Elegant Reception and Ceremony: Jessica and Nathaniel

Everything about Jessica and Nathaniel’s wedding screamed elegance! But once you got to the reception, it looked like you walked into a classic romance movie. The decor, from the tables to the cake stand, to the ceiling... everything was just so classically designed. Their venue lent itself to be able to create such a magnificent and luxurious theme! Our jaws DROPPED when we saw it!

Designer: Occasions Events

Venue: Hyatt Downtown

Best Reception Decor and Theme: Carly and Chris

Carly and Chris combined two themes flawlessly into their wedding: bright colors and sophistication, and Chris's Chinese heritage. With a huge focus on flowers, Carly and Chris's wedding was full of jaw dropping bouquets, floral table decor, and cake adornments. The bright colors were found everywhere, as well as nods to the grooms Asian background. The flower arrangements were also used as centerpieces for the other tables as well, all of which were placed in Asian vases that the couple have been collecting for precisely this purpose. Some were even borrowed from their families’ personal collections, which gave it an even more intimate touch.

Florals: Floriography

Coordination and Design: A Beautiful Theme

Most Sentimental Item: Katherine and James

We love when our couple include things from family members, living and passed, into their wedding. Katherine grew up with furniture that was handmade by her grandfather, so when she got engaged, he started a special project just for her and James. At their reception, guests placed their well wishes and found their seat inside a beautiful box constructed by him. A moment to remember their special day, made with love by someone so dear to them.

Most Moving Moment: Sarah And Brandon

One moment from this year's weddings that moved everyone was Sarah’s daddy daughter dance. Sarah's father passed before she was married, and since he wasn’t there to dance with her, she danced with each of his friends who were the pallbearers at his funeral. The people closest to her father stepped in to make sure his daughter had the moment she had dreamed of. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, including ours.

Best Party Crashers: Rachel and Paul

It’s no secret, we LOVE Los Poblanos. Where else can you find such stunning outdoor locations? But one of the things we also love is all its furry residents... And at Rachel and Paul's wedding they ALL made an appearance. The peacocks strutted around the reception and hung out on the roof admiring the party. During photos, Paul was lucky enough to get to pet the farm cat, Mouse. We ran into a mother goose and her little goslings (which we've named Ryan.) No one wants a party crasher, but when they're this cute, it's totally ok.

Best Party Crew: Jodi and Shashank

Every couple hopes that their friends and family will have fun at their wedding. Jodi + Shashank made sure that happened! The dance floor was packed the entire night, and when the Backstreet Boys came on, the guests lifted the bride and groom in to the air. With drinks or partners in hand, almost every guest danced the entire night away!

Best Sunset: Sevilla and John

New Mexico sunsets are always magic, but our state was really showing off at Sevilla and John's wedding. With clouds looming overhead, the sunset reflected off our beautiful pink mountains and dyed the sky and the clouds in pinks and purples that stretched for miles and miles.

Best Details: Haley and Will

We still cant stop talking about Haley and Will's day over here, as we were so in love with this classic wedding. She did something new and fresh for her details and added pops of colors with LEMONS! From the custom dinner plates with a family crest for her and Will, to the lemon tree guests found their seat with, we loved every little bit of this wedding day.

Best Heirloom: Kaitlin and David For her big day, Kaitlin wore pearl earrings belonging to her great-grandmother, whom Kaitlin was named after, and the lace they used in the hand fasting ceremony had been in her family for generations: it was a part of her great-grandmother’s dress when she was married in 1910, and then the lace was sewn onto her grandmother’s dress when she was married in 1948! We absolutely loved the history and deep meaning behind it!

Best Invites: Ruthie and Joel

Ruthie and Joel invited their dearest friends and family to their celebration of love with beautiful wintery invitations. The watercolors ranged in color from indigo to baby blues. Perfect for a chilly winter morning wedding! The design differed from the invitations, RSVP cards, and even the envelop. Since the Maura Jane office love blues, we were all about one of our most unique invitation suits this year.

Best Cake: Jessica and Matt

We love the classics, but we also love when our brides try something new. Jessica and Matt’s cake fit their Fiesta themed wedding with a touch of elegance. The three tiered cake was decorated in a marbled fondant with touches of silver leafing throughout. The cake was decorated along the bottom and topped with the same bright flowers found in Jessica’s bouquet and that adorned the reception. We loved the bright pop of color added to a timeless style.

By: Maggie's Wedding Cakes

Best Bouquet: Tiffany and Nathan

Tiffany’s bouquet was so beautiful that when we saw it for the first time, Maura’s jaw LITERALLY dropped. Tiffany’s bouquet was a large organic style with a stunning protea as a centerpiece. Adorned with roses, eucalyptus and a variety of dainty white flowers and greenery, this bouquet stole the show! The peach and white silk ribbon attached added a touch of romance as they blew in the wind during portraits. Tiffany’s bouquet was out of the world, and for sure one to be remembered.

By: Stephanie Yardman Floral Design

Best Ring: Amanda and Cody

Diamonds are classic and timeless; however, we also believe that choosing an alternative stone really lets you showcase a bride's personality on a whole different level. We love when grooms choose to propose with a stone that captures the woman he loves, and Cody proposed to Amanda with the most stunning rose gold and morganite ring. The rose gold band complete with flourishes and some decorative diamonds held the centerpiece of a pear shaped morganite. This was such a truly unique ring and we may be a tad (super) jealous.

Best Hair: Crina and Eric

When choosing best hair, we considered not only design, but also durability. Crina's hair was a stunning side braid with loose pieces left out and adorable bangs. Crina also has an incredibly windy wedding day. Her stunning braid and the rest of her hair staid in place, and even after being outside in some harsh breezes, come the reception, her hair was still on fleek. For her makeup, it was classically perfect. It really showed off Crina's natural beauty and our girl Alanna always does the best job.

Hair: Laura McDowell

Makeup: Betty Rose by Alanna

Best Shoes: Maria and Anthony

Oh. My. Goodness. Maria’s Jimmy Choos wedding heels will live in our dreams forever. Maria and Anthony had a pink wedding, and instead of choosing all pink shoes to match the theme, Maria found ones that were ombre! The silver glitter faded into the heels as a bright pink. Her shoes were glamorous and memorable and made such a statement.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Best Shoes: Lauren and Andrew

We had a hard time giving this category to just one bride and being we are such suckers for Bella Belle shoes it was a no brainer to include Lauren’s amazing bridal heels into the best shoes category! Lauren's shoes were a mesh shoe adorned with lace and beads throughout. The hints of pinks and blush stood in contrast with the rest of the white in the shoe and the strap around the ankle kept the look delicate.

Shoes Bella Belle

Best Colors: Alexa and Daniel

With so many color schemes to choose from, where do we begin? With the last names Argyles (Which is Greek for "silver") and Goldberg, Alexa and Daniel chose to make their colors silver and gold with hints of dusty purple, and we were all for it.

Best Dressed Dog: Lena and Ken

We are always supportive of you bringing your dogs to your wedding, and they are all winners! However, Lena and Kens little doggo, Bogey, was dressed to the nines. They put this sweet little guy in his own tuxedo, and we are still dying of cuteness overload!!

Best Dressed Bridal Party: Carmela and Justin

We love a good mismatched bridesmaid group, and Carmela's girls were in hues of mauve and pinks that meshed so well together. Justin's guys were in cobalt blue, with pink vests and tuxes that blended perfectly with the girls' dresses. The group looked sharp when all together, making them this year's best dressed bridal party.

Suits: Jos A Bank

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Best Bridesmaids: Melinda and Matteo

Remember how we said we love a good mismatched bridesmaids group? Melinda's gal squad wore reds and pinks for Melinda's big day. The colors coordinated with the colors inside their bouquets, as well as the hues scattered throughout the wedding reception and decor. Against the gold door in their venue, the dresses were so feminine and romantic.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Group

Best Dressed Couple: Laura and Eric

Most grooms pair their suit vest and solid necktie to match the bridesmaids, but Laura and Eric chose to stick with a blue and grey combination. His classic color combo paired with a fun patterned purple tie that was unique to his groomsmen. Laura wore a stunning lace gown with a long train. The top layer of her train, a good foot longer than the other layers, to really show off the patterns, was decorated with an intricate scalloped hem, with buttons down the back. Paired together, this bride and groom were quite the pair.

Suit: Jos A Bank

Dress: Stella York

Best Dressed Groom: Jessica and Joshua

Josh's cobalt tuxedo jacked was styled with a black lapel and pocked liners. With matching black pants and bowtie, Josh was an old school, dapper guy. We love a classic and elegant look for a groom, and Josh pulled it off so well.

Suit: Suits Unlimited

Best Spring Dress: Baylee and Adam