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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and we know how important it is for everyone you care about to be there with you! For a lot of our couples, this means their pets too! As we're all fur mamas here, we totally get it. And we LOVE when we get some adorable pooches or playful ponies at a wedding. And we 100% support your decision to include your fur baby in your wedding day, because we 100% want to take photos of them!

We also know that everyone likes looking at photos of adorable pets, (Especially the ones dressed up in bowties and floral collars,) so we decided to put together a little collection of some of the adorable critters we've been blessed to capture!

We know that there is no more pure love than that between a girl and her dog. (Well maybe that and between a bride and groom..) That being said, we've seen brides getting ready with their pooch at their side, we've seen them included in portraits, we've even seen one that was the maid of honor!

(Total honesty: I considered doing that at my wedding too. So I couldn't have loved it more!)

But one thing is for sure: they're always wearing the BEST accessories. From full on suits to flower collars, down to just a fresh new grooming, every wedding pup always looks so sharp!

We know that sometimes your pets aren't just dogs. And again, we still 100% support your decision to include your babies, regardless of species!

We've seen everything from alpacas, to donkeys to horses, and we love them just as much! Not all of these sweethearts are able to make it to your wedding venue, but if you're choosing to have your wedding on your own private property, it's much easier to make sure they're in attendance!

We've followed couples out into fields to make sure their favorite creatures get to be a part of the day too!

Sometimes, you'll get married at a wedding venue that already has animals on the property!

One of our favorites is the adorable Conchita and Rosita!

They are donkeys that walks around during your cocktail hour handing out tequila shots to your guests! Personally, I don't think I could ever turn down a shot from a donkey. And most of the time, your guests won't either!

Other times you have some animals who have made your wedding venue their home residence. But they're usually never in the way and like to keep to themselves. That doesn't mean were not all still hoping that a peacock will strut into your reception with their feathers on full display, because they are GORGEOUS and deserve to flaunt their stuff!!

And of course, we need to give a shoutout to our favorite barn cat 'Mouse'!

Mouse is the barn cat at Los Poblanos, and while his main job is keeping mice away, his biggest accomplishment will be stealing your heart!

He loves to hang around during portrait times and keep everyone distracted! No wedding day is complete until Mouse shows up!

Regardless of your pets species, or even if they're your pets or not, we love when these sweet fur babies make an appearance at weddings. We know that your pets are just as much family as your human family is, and sometimes, we love them even more. (Don't worry, we'll keep your secret.) So bring them!

Make sure you always double check with your venue and hotel before bringing your fur babies with you. Many places have policies and restrictions, but sometime you can work with them! They may be required to stay on a leash if you are allowed to bring them!

If your wedding is on your own private property, then no worries!

Make sure you're following us on Pinterest, as we have a whole board just for pets, and you know we'll be adding to it forever! At least as long as you keep bringing them!

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