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Brandon + Maura | Santa Fe Anniversary Session | Santa Fe Wedding Photographers

It was spring break of 2005 and I was on my way to New Orleans with a friend when he said he wanted to apply for a job at a restaurant in downtown Santa fe before we hit the road. I was pretty unhappy with my current job so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to apply as well. Being I was only 18 I was too young to wait tables, so they offered me the job of hostess. Upon returning to Santa fe from our vacation, I started my new job at the Ore House on the Plaza, a steak house overlooking the downtown plaza of Santa fe.

It was here that I would meet my future husband Brandon. He was attending NMSU and came home to Santa fe during summer breaks and holidays and picked up shifts serving and bartending at the restaurant. We because fast friends, with some innocent flirting at the host stand in-between working, but since we both were dating other people and attended colleges at opposite ends of the state, it remained that way for 2 years.

Come 2007 I graduated college and began to pack my things to return to Pennsylvania. My roommate Kira at the time begged me to stay for one last summer in the land of enchantment before we both went our separate ways and returned to our home states. I reluctantly agreed and soon found, it was the best decision of my life. Brandon and my friendship continued to blossom, and one warm summer in July, we made it official on a trip out to Eagles Nest. When the summer came to a close, I decided I wanted to stay in New Mexico and see where this new relationship would take us.

After a year of dating Brandon and I decided to get a house together in Albuquerque and move out of Santa Fe. This is where we would begin our lives together and 4 years later, become engaged. We returned to Santa fe for our wedding, and now 5 years later, we wanted to return to the place we met, for anniversary photos. We strolled through Santa fe and took pictures in front of the sentimental restaurant where we first met, as tourist glanced in our direction. We also ventured to the St. Francis Hotel where we shared a glass of champagne at the very bar we frequented together so often on many date nights.

I am typing this on a plane to Italy, where we will celebrate 5 amazing married years together, and I feel so lucky to be sitting next to my soulmate as we explore the world together and I can not wait to see where life takes us next.

Happy 5th anniversary my love.

Photos by: Hannah with Maura Jane Photography