Our Favorite Bouquets and Tips for Building Your Dream Bouquet

There are so many expenses when it comes to wedding planning. Many brides of course have to prioritize what they want to invest in and we just want to give you a little tip that can save you money and make a HUGE impact on the way your images turn out.

The bridal bouquet is a huge focal point for us when it comes to photography, so if you are stressing about your flower budget we highly recommend getting your DREAM bouquet and investing less on the bridesmaids bouquets since they won't be photographed nearly as much! We can use the bridal bouquet to spruce up bridal details, reception details, and its in all of your bride and groom portraits!

Have your bouquet delivered to your bridal suite while you're getting ready. You're going to want to have it right after your first look for your first set of couples photos. And we love to get shots of it with your other pretty details like your invitations and shoes.

If you're having trouble making a decision about your florals, here's our suggestion: Make your bridal bouquet a HUGE priority. And here are some amazing vendors to help you do so!


Whether you're looking for bold and bright, or classic and elegant, Floriography is here for you! There is seriously nothing they can't do! Each of their bouquets is so full of personality and is always exactly (if not better) than our brides ever envisioned!

One of our favorites of their bouquets was Haley's all white beauty! The roses and ranunculus were a cornerstone for the timeless feel of the wedding. But to add a little more personality they snuck in some snapdragons, Queen Anne's Lace, and the sweetest most unique tiny Carnations you've ever seen!

All white wedding bouquet albuquerque

One of the things we love about them is their creative use of bright colors and unique flowers, or other fun items such as mini pineapples or cactus.

We also love their dedication to local flowers. They use lots of local farms to source their blooms for your big day! Like the yellow poppies seen below in our timeless and trendy shoot!

Local flowers tend to stay fresh longer, since they're cut usually only the day before. They also help your bouquet show off your venue and the love for where you're getting married, and sometimes, those flowers are local to just that region, so it gives your bouquet a much more unique feel!

Also, consider adding silk ribbons onto your bouquet. When the wind catches them just right, it's straight magic.

bright colorful fiesta wedding flowers bouquet in albuquerque

A Beautiful Theme:

When it comes to big and extravagant, A Beautiful Theme hits the nail on the head every time! A Beautiful Theme specializes in soft and romantic, with a touch of whimsy. The Peonies in this spring shoot just scream romance, and their use of Queen Anne's Lace and ivy brings a timeless and garden like feel to their work.

feminine and romantic peony bridal bouquet

They aren't afraid of 'big' bouquets! In fact, the more flowers they can fit, the happier everyone is! Their dedication to finding you the perfect blooms, like the dreamy ombre dahlias below, is always so appreciated by our brides! Make sure you're prepared though! Any large bouquet, regardless of vendor, will get heavy! But as you can see from this stunning piece, it's soo worth it!

new mexico wedding bouquet with bright pink flowers

Shannon Loves Flowers:

A lot of the time we hear: "I don't want to get married in winter because I want pretty flowers."

Trust us, you can! Take Ruthie's winter flowers! We love a classic rose, but adding in the greenery brings in a fresh feel! And the orchids add the subtlest hint of color in contrast to the blue thistles. In fact, during the winter, your flowers will pop even more!

winter themed wedding bouquet ideas

For the Love of Flowers:

If you're still not sold that your flowers will be beautiful in the winter too, check out Crina's!

She wanted a spring wedding, but didn't want to wait, so she used her flowers to make her whole day feel like an early spring day! The burgundy carnations paired with the blush roses brought such a feminine touch.

red and pink bridal bouquet in Albuquerque

The Flower Company:

Same thing goes for fall! In fact, you have so many more color options in the fall, as every single color ties into the season! Like this fun bouquet from The Flower Company! The bold colors bring such life into a season when we use terms like "the trees are dying."

Fall themed wedding bouquet. fall wedding flowers

and of course,

The Floral Narrative by Stephanie Yardman:

Stephanie is the queen of the organic bouquet! Even those her base is built on flowers you're familiar with, like Carmela's blush roses and white anemones, Stephanie always finds a way to sneak in something unexpected. Like these mini proteas and soft purple berries. The draping greenery brings a more natural feel to your bouquet, as all flowers should feel.

girly and pink big bridal bouquet for new mexico wedding

And when you want a whole bouquet that is unexpected, like Tiffany was asking for, you can guarantee Stephanie will give you exactly that. With a large piece like this protea to draw your eyes in, she then adds softer and more delicate touches as your eyes move outward, still stumbling across one or two familiar flowers.

large messy bouquet with protea for albuquerque wedding ideas

When having a destination wedding, have fun with it! Ask about what flowers are local to the area, and if you want a touch of home, you can always ask to sneak in a succulent or two like Jessica did in her ranunculus bouquet, made by Springvine Design in Ashville, NC, pictured below!

succulents in a wedding bouquet in New Mexico

And you can always ask for flowers to match your destination vibes! Argi's pacific north wedding was at a winery, so her bouquet, made by Scarlet Blooms in Portland, was filled will burgundy and wine colored ranunculus, carnations, and roses. Making us all dream of our next glass of Cabernet!

wine and burgundy colored bridal bouquet for albuquerque bride

And if you just want flowers no matter what, get some for your engagement photos!

Why not?! You only get an excuse to order big beautiful bouquets a few times in life. Let's add the engagement shoot to that list too!