Caleb + Susie | Sanctuary on the River Wedding

Caleb has been a close friend of my husband's since we started dating 11 years ago. He always lived far away, but when he came to visit he always had us laughing, and I so enjoyed his time with us. When he let us know that he was engaged to his former high school girlfriend, Susie, we were so excited for him! The couple said they wanted me to capture it and for Brandon to be a groomsmen, but when I checked my calendar, my heart sank that I was already booked on their date. I knew, however, Sarah would take great care of our dear friends, so her and Hannah and Brandon traveled to Ruidoso for the big day.

Caleb and Susie dated briefly in high school, but when it came time to graduate they went their separate ways. 16 years later the couple was reconnected via Snapchat and quickly started where they left off, falling right back in love. Caleb knew this was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, so one weekend he decided to make it official and ask for her hand. He put on their favorite Jason Aldean song, got down on one knee and called her in to the kitchen. Of course she said yes! The stunning rose gold ring has 3 ovals of diamonds, meant to represent past, present and future. All of which Caleb has and hopes to share with Susie.

The wedding took place at the Sanctuary on the River, where the sunlight filtered through the lush trees to dapple the elegant gazebo. Their friends and family let out a little "Awe!" as Susie crossed the bridge into Caleb's line of sight, and he promptly began to tear up. We always love capturing our grooms' reactions, and this one was just too sweet! Susie's children Natalie and Ariel were more than happy to participate, and made the day even more special by helping out however they could and being with the couple every step of the way. Caleb and Susie were so adorable as they snuggled together for pictures in the field by a charming little river, his whispers in her ear making her giggle in the cutest way while Sarah snapped it all. They then exited through a neon tunnel of glow sticks, basking in the laughter and affection of their loved ones. Thank you to the couple for having us, it was a trip to remember!

Venue: Sanctuary on the River

Photographer: Sarah