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We've shared all about Maura, Sarah, and Sara-Irene, and today we're introducing our newest member Hannah! Hannah has interned with us before and decided to make the big move from Florida to New Mexico to work with us full time! Hannah is our second shooter, so you're bound to run into her at a wedding or engagement session. She's also part of our photo editing squad, and keeps us entertained with her endless supply of memes. Get to know this rainbow beauty below!

1) She originally moved to Georgia to get away from Florida (yes, Florida orange juice is superior) , but she missed the sunshine. Now she's in the desert, apparently she was a lizard in a past life, because New Mexico has plenty of sunshine to offer her as well!

2) She loves to sing, and if she know the words to a song, whether she likes it or not, She's singing it. If you ride with her, congratulations, you just won a free front row ticket to see Hannah live in concert! It won't matter whose in the car.

3) She's been doing photography since she was about 12, when she would steal her mom’s Canon and take pictures all around their farm of anything she could: dogs, cats, horses, trees, sunsets, flowers, you name it. Eventually she started forcing her friends to dress up and pose for her, and that’s when she figured out that portraiture is her favorite.

4) Her senior project in high school was a look book of the four seasons where she had a ton of models and threw it all together. It was also the first shots with her new “grown up” camera. So it was kind of a big deal to have a collection of work in one place.

5) Her hair color pretty much changes with her mood, and her family always teases her that they never know what to expect when she walks through the door. She's always giving her poor mother heart attacks lol. Last summer while she interned for us it was lavender and this year it's teal. Let's start taking bets on what color is next (I'm hoping it's green.)

6) She has pretty intense insomnia, so she'll ask "what even is sleep?" She says at least she ends up getting a lot of work done at night. Although she claims to look like a not-so-cute zombie while doing it.

7) She ADORES Halloween/ any themed parties, and she absolutely loves throwing a party. She goes all out. If you’re planning a party and need help with decorations, themed cocktails, Jell-O shots, hair, and makeup inspiration, then call Hannah, cause she's ya girl.

8) She really enjoys reading. In fifth grade, her parents got called into a parent-teacher conference where they were told “I was reading too much,” as if that’s actually a thing. You'd think if anyone would be supportive of her reading, it would have been the teacher, right?

9) Not only does she love reading, but she also loves creative writing and has a lot of stories that she's always working on/thinking about. Hopefully we'll get to read one or two soon. And we're excited to see what she brings to some of the blog posts with those writing skills! (Hopeful her grammar is better than ours too

10) She's actually a dragon in disguise and spicy food is her absolute favorite. The hotter the better, and she won’t stop until she's breathing flames. You can keep your sissy water, ‘cause she don’t need a drink. I'm thinking that New Mexico is going to be a very good place for her!

Hannah has been such a light to our team and we're so lucky to have her humor keeping us all sane in the office all day long! We're glad she's with us full time now and are so excited to have her on the team this year!

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