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Carmela + Justin | A Colorful Spring Floral Engagement Session at UNM | Albuquerque Wedding Photogra

Like all great love stories, Carmela and Justin's includes a hospital and a prisoner. You see, Justin, who is a state cop, was transporting a prisoner to the hospital for a check up. While he was waiting, he noticed a beautiful young nurse walking by. He asked the staff he was with if she knew this beautiful woman. She told Justin about the Labor and Delivery nurse named Carmela, who just happened to be in their unit that night.

The next time Justin came into the hospital her kept an eye out for her. When he finally saw her again, he introduced himself. The two hit it off and began dating soon after!

After a few years Justin knew he had to marry Carmela, and after his first plan to propose fell through, he took her to the top of Sandia crest, and got down on one knee and asked for her hand. The rest they say, is history.

We loved following these two love birds around UNM! They're so sweet and affectionate towards one another. I think they're a perfect fit!

Just like Carmelas gorgeous dress from Lulus was a perfect fit! Seriously! Ordering one right away!