Why You Should Do Your Engagement Session With Your Wedding Photographer | Wedding Advice from Albuq

We get lots of inquiries about wether or not we do JUST engagement sessions.

The short answer is "no."

The long answers is this:

We've said it before and we'll say it again;

it is SO important to do your engagement session with your wedding photographer.

Many times couples already have their engagement photos done by a friend, or someone who photographed the proposal. However, it's important to do another session with your wedding photographer.

This is why when you hire us, the engagement session is complimentary, so you don't pay anything extra - it's our gift to you!

This is why we think it's so important:

.:1 - You get to build a relationship with your photographer :.

And we get to build our relationship with you! You will spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographer. We are basically your third wheel! When you spend time with each other before hand and get to build that relationship, it feels less like a stranger is following you around all day. We get to know you and your fiancee, your love story, and by the time the wedding comes around, we get to capture the moments that are just "so you."

I promise, you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera when it's your second go around with the same person! Otherwise you're spending your day with someone you've only just met.

.: 2 - You photographer gets to know what works for you :.

Think of it like a dress rehearsal for your big day!

During an engagement session we learn what poses work for you, and which don't. We get to know what you're most comfortable with and what you aren't.

Maybe there's a "good side" you want captured, (all your sides are good, by the way!) or a pose you just adore! We'll remember those things on your wedding day so you don't need to worry about reminding us.

By the time your wedding day comes, you'll be a pro at posing, and we'll know how to pose you for the most flattering images, and we'll be able to do it quickly.

This will give us time to take even more photos!

.:3 - You can know what to expect :.

And this is one of the most important benefits.

You'll get your engagement photos and you will just love them! At least we hope! But you can bet that this is the same quality and style that your wedding photos will have.

This can help relax any nervousness you feel about taking photos.

Many of our brides think they look awkward in front of the camera, but after getting their engagement photos back, they realize they're much more photogenic than they think.

You also get a sneak peak of the style and the kind of photos you will receive on your wedding day. Which can calm any nerves about getting quality photos back after your wedding.

When you don't use the same photographer, you can't be guaranteed what your wedding photos will look like. And you can't be guaranteed you'll love what they send you!

.: If you're having a destination wedding :.

When our Santa Fe destination brides come to town we do everything in our power to fit them in for a session.

We've even done them a few days before the wedding! Many times they come to take a weekend vacation before all the crazy. Sometimes they come to do a venue walk through and a cake tasting, and any other wedding planning. When they do, we drive to them and make sure we have time for them, that's how important we think it is!

We even offer travel for weddings so that you can bring your already trusted photographer with you!

Planning a destination wedding is stressful! You shouldn't have to worry about you photographer too! Many times, even paying for travel fees to send a photographer can be less expensive than hiring one who lives where your wedding is. This is especially the case in more popular locations like Hawaii, Cancun, and was even the case for our couple who eloped in Iceland!

If you want to know more about why we think you should ring your photographer WITH you to your destination wedding, read our blog: 4 Reasons to Hire a Photographer You Trust and Love for your Destination Wedding

No matter where or when you're getting married,

Make sure you are hiring a photographer you LOVE. After all, you only get one shot!

And make sure you make the time to do your engagement session with them, even if you've already done a session with another photographer.

Remember: Your engagement session with us is our gift to you when you book us for your wedding!

So you won't have to worry about paying anything extra!

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