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Clarissa + Gerardo | A Scenic Winter Engagement in Santa Fe | Santa Fe Wedding Photographer

The first thing Clarissa did after meeting Gerardo was look him up on social media. But not for herself, she wanted to set him up with one of her friends. However, the more she scrolled and learned about him, she changed her mind. She wanted the cute cop for herself.

Eventually the pair began dating, grateful that she didn't pass him on to someone else.

Clarissa and Gerardo, along with her son Isaiah, made a perfect family and Gerardo knew he needed to make it official.

One day they went for a scenic drive, something the couple did frequently. Gerardo decided to stop at the overlook at the Ski Basin. Clarissa patiently waited for him to finish taking in the sights so she could get back into the warm car. Right before she went back into the car, Gerardo asked her to stay, and then asked her to stay forever and marry him. He proposed with a purple sapphire ring, Clarissas favorite color, and she said yes. For their engagement we returned to the Santa Fe Mountains where he popped the question for an adorable snow filled session!