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2018 Behind The Scenes

2018 was an incredible year for all of us here at MJP. We had 50 wedding to celebrate and photograph, and loved every one of them. While snapping away and taking gorgeous photos of the beautiful bride and groom, sometimes we grab a few unintended photos. These photos are of the MJP team hard at work, and most of them are a little bit embarrassing. So let's take a look shall we?!

Let's start with everyones favorite: The veil shot.

Every bride wants a gorgeous veil blowing in the wind shot. What you might not know, is that rarely is it EVER the actual wind. 98% of the time it's some poor soul (usually me, Sara) throwing it and running away in a bandit like fashion.

A very similar approach is used for wedding dresses:

Speaking of dresses, over all, our job is a lot of dress adjusting. If you are wearing a wedding dress, we will adjust it or carry it somehow. We'll hold it for you while you walk, we'll help with the bustle, we'll fluff it out for a shot of the train. But at some point we will adjust it for you.

Then there's all the effort that goes into setting up the perfect shot.

Sometimes it's as easy and hanging up a dress, rearranging some flowers, or laying out your invites.

other times, it's falling on your butt, or hurdling fences, or holding back branches with one arm, and holding a dog leash in the other.

And sometimes it means looking really bossy. (It's just another word for efficient.)

Don't even get me started on actually taking the photo. Whatever it takes.

(we also love to do boomerangs for our couples.)

But we do more than just fall off things for you.

We do a lot of things that were not in the job description when I applied.

Luckily, my training at a bridal shop prepared me for lacing ALL the corset dresses.

We've made daisy chains for puppers, fixed eyelashes, and pinned lots and lots and lots of boutonnieres. We wear many hats.