Meet Paloma Jane

As some of you may already know, last June we lost our sweet Lab Pitt mix Lakai. I had had Lakai in my life since my senior year of college and he has been along my side through so many major milestones in my life. My graduation from college, meeting and marrying Brandon, buying a new home and starting my business. He had always been a constant in my life that I was so grateful for. I knew when I came home from a crazy busy day he would always be right there waiting for me. I had no idea that the loss of him was going to effect me so much. He had been sick for almost two years, riddled with cancer, an auto immune disease that had him on a plethora of meds, and a wounded leg that refused to heal. We were basically living at the vet, taking him in every week to find out just how much longer we had with him. We thought we were prepared, each time we knew it was going to be soon and so we had already said our goodbyes. When he finally slipped away that Saturday in June, I was thankful that I didn't have a wedding that day as my whole world fell apart. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss seeing his sweet face waiting for me when I came home or staring up at me from his bed. Lakai led a great life and I know he is now in puppy heaven chasing squirrels and eating biscuits.

When Lakai was about 8 we brought another little furry dog into our lives, Rollie. The two got along well but weren't really the best of friends and didn't really play together much. I blame the age difference. Rollie was a rambunctious adolescent, Lakai a wise old man set in his ways and routines. When Lakai died, Rollie's attitude towards other dogs changed. He became territorial and aggressive and it had me really worried. I knew he needed a new companion, and hopefully one who he would actually play with him.

Once my wedding season slowed and the consistent traveling stopped, I knew it was time to bring another pup into our lives. I was searching online through a directory of adoptable dogs in the New Mexico area when I cam across a puppy named Peanut. Her sweet face and amber eyes reminded me so much of Lakai, I had to meet her. The shelter she was staying at was called New Mexico Alive and they wanted us to foster her for a week to make sure it would be a good fit for us. I knew the moment I met her it was meant to be, but I think Brandon and Rollie needed a little more time to adjust. I'm grateful that this shelter believes that not every puppy is a perfect fit for a home and strongly recommends you see if you can bond with them over a week.

Well today I signed the papers and this little muffin s officially part of the family! We changed her name to Paloma Jane. The name of the flower girl at the wedding I had the day before she came, the name of Pablo Picasso's daughter, whom I studied in college, a name that means Peace. I gave her a middle name not after my business, but my sweet grandmothers Jane, and Mary Jane. It was perfect for her.

The shelter told us her mother was a miniature Dutch Shepard, and her father was a mix of Great Dane, Mastiff and Bulldog. She is going to be a BIG GIRL. <3

She is a little toy thief too.

This little girl has truly stolen our hearts. She is incredibly smart and has even taught herself how to open the back door and let herself in. Rollie loves chasing and playing with her and she really enjoys playing his favorite game of tug-o-war. I think she lets him win as she is already twice his size. She loves to cuddle and climb into your lap and lick your face but I think her favorite thing to do is steal my slippers.

this girl loooooves to cuddle!

and explore and get in to things.

Rollie and her are learning to be the best of buds.

Welcome to the family Paloma Jane.