Bridesmaids Gifts Ideas

One of the questions we hear asked a lot is "What on earth do I buy my bridesmaids/ groomsmen?!"

As a former bride, I'll be the first to admit that your bridesmaids go through A LOT while you're planning your wedding. They help you find the perfect dress, plan a killer bridal shower and bachelorette party and feed you wine when you are stressed about the seating chart. Not only are they doing a lot for you, but they also have to spend money on things like the bridesmaids dresses, shoes and makeup and the bachelorette party.

That is why you choose only the best and most loyal of friends to support you through the stress of it all. And after it's all said and done, and the big day arrives, you know they're going to be standing right next to you on the best day of your life, and probably holding your dress while you pee.

The groomsmen are usually forced to help with cleaning up after and doing some heavy lifting. And of course they're paying for their attire and the bachelor party too!

So it's become more common for brides and grooms to gift their bridal party with a small token of gratitude before the wedding.

So we've compiled a list of some super sweet ideas for you. From the amazing Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaid Boutique.

.:A Tote Bag:. Every girl needs more bags. And everyone loves a good monogram. Consider a cute tote bag available in several styles and colors. These bad boys are super convenient as a beach bag, a gym bag, or even to fill with all your needs and snacks as you travel. Because I know you travel with snacks. They can be easily customized to fit each of your friends and their style. Check out all the options here.

.:A Bracelet:.

What girl doesn't love jewelry? These adorable and dainty bar bracelets let you give your girls a memento to remember your special day. Mine is engraved with coordinates, but you can use a date, or a name, or a sweet note for your girls. Just make sure it stays under 16 characters. Available in silver and rose gold, you'll even want to grab one for yourself too. They're like big girl friendship bracelets! Order them here!

.: A Glass Jewelry Box:.

And of course, they're going to need a place to put their bling, so how about an adorable glass box? The unique hexagon shape won us over, and the gold edging and etched floral design made us fall in love! You can either put your girls initials on the box, their whole first name, or your wedding hashtag! The possibilities are almost endless! Get your adorable box here.

.:Something for you:.

No matter what you get your girls, you should also get a little something JUST for you. In no time you'll go from a Miss to a Mrs. so why not grab something to celebrate? This sweet wine glass for your home to have after the wedding to constantly and silently gloat in your living room every night. Don't pretend you haven't "accidentally" included your engagement ring in every selfie since he proposed. get your Mrs. goblet here.

That's not all! You can get yoga mats, clutches, tumblers, or PJ/Robe sets.

Check out the Bridesmaids Gift Boutique for all you gift needs!!

As for your groomsmen, you can visit their brother site for some more manly gifts, like whiskey rocks, duffles, or cuff links.

Happy Shopping!!