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Jessica + Matt | Corrales Winery Engagement

Jessica and Matt had originally booked their wedding at a beautiful winery in their home state of California. But after a tragic accident, the winery had burned down, and they were left at square one of planning.

So they decided instead of staying in Cali, they would search for popular destination wedding locations.

During their internet searching, they found Santa Fe, and it captured their eye. So they took a trip out to visit the venue, and the city captured their hearts.

The San Francisco locals had never been to New Mexico before that trip, but they fell in love and booked their venue on the spot.

They then traveled back to do their engagement session, and we decided on the Corrales Winery. Matt was able to make Jessica laugh, and the two we're so comfortable with each other that we hardly needed to tell them what to do.

We're so glad that they fell in love with our beautiful state, and can't wait to capture their destination wedding at a place that means so much to us!