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Alexis + Chris | Summertime Botanical Engagment Session

Alexis and Chris had met over 5 years ago while at the gym. Alexis recalls Chris being very patient while courting her. Eventually the time came when they decided to go on their first date. Since that . day there has never been a moment of regret or doubt in their relationship. They kept things quiet for a few weeks, simply because they were unsure of how things would go. Their first 'public event' as a couple was during a hike with some friends. During that hike Chris got a glimpse inside Alexis' world, and knew he wanted to be a part of it. And it was on that hike that Alexis knew Chris was the one.

Fast forward 5 years, the two have been living hours apart for a few weeks, and missing being so close to one another. Chris' birthday was in June and he asked that the two of them celebrate by going to breakfast and then on a hike. While on that very same trail they fell in love five years ago, Chris told Alexis that he got her a gift even though it's his birthday. While unwrapping she found a ring, and when she looked up, Chris was on one knee.

We can honestly say that these two are one of the most excited couples we've ever met. They can't wait to get married and be joined as one, and we can't wait to celebrate with them!