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Chisun + Adam | A Southwestern Intimate Wedding at Desert Harbor Retreat

Real life love story, or the worlds cutest rom com? It's hard to tell. Chisun and Adam met on a flight from Manhattan to Houston. Right before boarding Chisun was checking him out, and with the worlds best luck, they were seated next to each other. Thanks to terrible weather and alcoholic beverages, the normally three hour flight turned into five and a half hours of flirty conversations and sparks flying.

before de-boarding the plane, they shared their numbers and instagram handles, and planned their first date the next week back in Manhatttan.

Three years later, they decided to run to New Mexico to wed in an intimate ceremony surrounded by the beauty, culture, and magic of the southwest. Joined by only their closest family, they chose the private and romantic Desert Harbor Retreat to share their vows and promise themselves to each other.

Though he could barley walk himself, Chisun's father insisted that he walk her down the aisle. It was one of the sweetest wedding moments we've ever witnessed. The small guest count and the hidden location made their wedding perfectly intimate and romantic. We are so excited to share their photos with you!

Venue: Desert Harbor Retreat

Flowers: Desert Harbor Retreat

Cake: Desert Harbor Retreat

Hair and Make up: Genica Lee

Photographer: Sarah