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What The Knot Wants You to Ask Us

We've noticed lately that we've been receiving a lot of emails asking the same questions. One of our brides told us she got her list from The Knot. So in order to make it easier for you, we've compiled all the questions you'll end up asking, and have already answered them for you!

And as always, if there are any other specific questions you have send them our way! We love helping you out however we can!

How soon do we need to book?

We tend to book up 9-12 months out. Our slower months are February and March so those dates don’t book quite as quickly. My advice to brides is once you have your date and venue book your photographer immediately following. Lucky for our brides we have two main shooters, Sarah and myself so that allows us to have more availability and book 2 weddings a weekend.

How would you describe your style?

When looking at photographers there is a shooting style and an editing style to look for. Our shooting style is very detail oriented and romantic. We give a lot of guidance on posing but try and let the couple’s go into the poses naturally so that it doesn’t look stiff or forced. We concentrate a lot on the couple and their connection.

Our editing style is very clean and timeless. It could be coined as light and airy but that is just because we edit brighter but never do we desaturate. We LOVE color! We do not put filters on your photos and stay away from the moody orange look.

Will the photos be retouched and color balanced? Is that done before I see the proofs?

We run all our photos through lightroom to color correct and enhance them. What you see on our website is what you get! We do not go through and fix every fly away or blemish. We can do that for your album and prints but its very time consuming to do this to every photo and we want you to have your photos back quickly!! But of course if you have a couple that you notice an imperfection with we can fix them for you.

How many weddings have you shot, and how many do you do in a year?

I have been shooting weddings for 10 years and Sarah for 5 so I couldn’t even tell you how many weddings we have done! Lots and lots! We do about 40-45 a year.

Also, what's your favorite part of a wedding day, and time of year to shoot?

My favorite part of a wedding day is the first look and couple’s portraits. I just love seeing people in love and capturing the emotion experienced between a couple during the first look! My favorite time of year to shoot is probably spring for all he beautiful flowers, we love the weather of fall however and of course all the foliage!

Do you shoot both digital and film?

We shoot only digital. I haven’t shot film since college.

Do you shoot in color and black & white?

Cameras only shoot in color. However we do deliver quite a few black and white photos to our clients. If there is a specific one you get in color that you would also like in black and white, just ask!

What exactly is included in your packages?

All of our packages include an engagement session and the digital images and all day coverage. Some include albums and prints. We believe it is so important to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer. Its the best way to get to know them and make sure you vibe well together and it also is the best way to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

We include all the digital edited images in our collections. We don’t have a set amount nor do we force you to choose only 100 images to receive digitally. You get them all.

We also include all day coverage. It typically is 7-8 hours of time. We want to be there for the getting ready till the garter toss to document the entire day.

How many hours of coverage do we get? What is the charge for overtime?

As the question above answered, we include up to 8 hours of time. Our contract request that we build your timeline for up to 8 hours of coverage and we haven’t had wedding yet be unable to do this. If it runs up to 9 on the day of due to circumstances out of your control we will stay up to 9 for free. After that its $400 an hour for the 1st shooter and $250 for the second to stay later.

Are you photographing other events on the same day as mine?

NO WAY. Firstly we want you to have our full attention on your day. Sometimes schedules have to change and we don’t want any other thing distracting us on your big day. Secondly weddings are exhausting for us. It’s a lot of running around and lifting and squatting. It’s really hard on our bodies, but that’s okay we love what we do! Because of this, we only book ONE wedding a weekend.

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

We will send you a questionnaire with a checklist for posed family portraits that you can add or subtract from. We also ask if there is any special request photos we wouldn’t know to capture, like a picture of the inside stitching on your dress that your grandmother did or a group shot of your sorority sisters at the reception. We do ask that you don’t give us a long list of requested shots. The reason for this is we find when we are staring at a list it causes us to miss other important moments of the day. We are good at what we do and love to document every moment as it unfolds.

What is the deposit and total fee?

Our deposit is currently $500 towards the wedding collection. This must be paid to hold the date.

Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?

When we meet I tell you right away if it is myself that is shooting your wedding or Sarah. If we are both still available usually I can tell after talking to a couple who would be a better fit for them. Sarah and I shoot so similarly I doubt you could tell weddings we have done apart. I also edit everything for complete consistency. The only difference is our personalities! But we both kinda rock. ;-)

Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you're sick?

If Sarah isn’t booked she will be at your wedding if something happens and vice versa. We haven’t missed a wedding yet and I would probably have to be hospitalized to not show up. We are also lucky in New Mexico to have such a strong community of photographers. We all help each other out and I know that one of my amazing photo friends would help us in a pickle!

Do you have liability insurance?


Will there be a second shooter or any assistants? Is there an additional fee for each (if applicable)?

We have three packages. The first is for one photographer. The other two include a second shooter. I always have an assistant at weddings with me and there is no additional charge to you for this.

Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

We do not charge travel fees for weddings within an hour of Albuquerque. So Santa Fe travel is free! We do charge a travel fee outside of this. The travel fee covers gas and time and I use the IRS rate of .55 a mile.

For engagement sessions we charge a travel fee or anywhere outside Albuquerque or Rio Rancho.

How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

We post a sneak peek or a blog post the week following the wedding. The rest of the photos take 4 weeks to be delivered.

Is it okay if other people take photos while you're taking photos?

I do not mind your family and friends taking photos of your day. I encourage it! I do request however that people put their phones away during posed portraits, as it’s extremely distracting and can add time to an already tight timeline. During photos of just the couple I do not allow anyone to come along with us or take photos, as I want you to be completely relaxed and the environment to be stress free.

It is up to you if you would like an unplugged ceremony. It really doesn’t bother me and I have no problem telling Aunt Sue to sit down if she jumps in my way of getting a shot. I do believe that your ceremony photos will be more beautiful being absent of a bunch of hands in the air with phones and its nice to have everyone present and paying attention during your vows but this is completely up to you!

What is the ordering process?

For packages booked with albums or prints I will give you instructions on how to pick your photos. If you would like to order additional items you can easily do so through your online gallery.

When will I receive a written contract?

As soon as you’re ready to book, we will send you a contract to look over, one both parties have signed, you will receive a copy!

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A $500 deposit is due the day of booking. This is nonrefundable. 50% of the balance is then due 90 days from your wedding day. Once this is paid, this becomes nonrefundable. Any payments made in 2017 for 2018 weddings are nonrefundable due to tax purposes.

If you have to cancel your wedding I am so sorry you are dealing with the stress of that. I will go over everything with you and if you have paid your entire balance I will let you know what is refundable.

We do allow you to reschedule your date if you need to do so and there is no charge for this.

How many weddings do you do a weekend?

One for me and one for Sarah! That’s it!

Have you ever shot at my venue(s) before?

If I have, I will share photos of it with you! If I haven’t, don’t let this hinder your decision. We are traveling destination photographers and shoot at new venues all the time! If we haven’t been there yet we go the day before or an hour before we are supposed to start and do a walk through and get a game plan. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh perspective at your venue so your photos differ from every other bride getting married there.

What are the restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication? Do you own the copyright to the photos?

Your photographer always retains the copywrite to the photos. What you are paying for is the right to share and print. You can share to your hearts desire on social media and email them to your friends and family. You can print them however you want, albums, canvases, mugs, key chains, whatever. What you cannot do, is sell them or submit them. If you would like to have your wedding published, yay! We love submitting weddings to the knot or other amazing blogs. We can help you do this and would be more than happy to!

Do you bring your own lighting?

Yes of course! We have shot in every situation from dark orange churches to reception halls with black walls and roofs with dim light. We know how to make your wedding look bright and beautiful!

What will you wear?

One thing about us is we love fashion! So its important for us to look professional and stylish while at the same time be comfortable and able to kneel and run around. We typically wear dark colors. We stay away from loud patterns, anything revealing and of course white. :) You can find us in a long black pencil skirt and blouse and statement necklace. ;-)

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