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Behind The Scenes | What Doesn't Get Posted

I've heard a few times that photographing weddings is such a "Glamorous Job." And while I will admit that being a wedding photographer, or in my case, an assistant, is an incredibly fun and beautiful job, I'm not sure if "glamorous" is the word I'd use. Are the weddings themselves glamorous? Yeah! The cake, the bride, the venues? Absolutely. Us? Well, the photos behind the photos, say differently.

We've found some behind the scenes photos from this last year that just NEED to be shared! So, you're getting an all access pass to see what behind the scenes really looks like, and just how your favorite photos came to be.

First things first- THE DRESS! Every few shots we stop and readjust these beautiful trains. And since we are usually in dresses, we've actually gotten pretty good at squats, in case you were wondering. And not just your dress, but the veil. Sometimes it's a simple re-pin, and other times we throw it and run away so you can get your beautiful "in the wind" shot. And we usually look pretty ridiculous while doing it.

We don't just spend time with the brides. We're here to help the guys too! Bouts, bouts, and more bouts.

There's also an incredible amount of time that goes into setting up detail shots. The rings, the dresses, the shoes. We walk around looking for the best spot, and then we readjust the chairs and flower pots so it can be perfect.

Some of the photos I found, are of our photographers, in their natural habitat; squatting, leaning, stretching, bending, you name it.

But most of the time, plain ol' standing does the trick just fine.