2017 Superlatives

2017 was by far one of our best years yet! With 44 weddings, it's hard to choose a favorite from the year. Each wedding is significant, and even though we see one almost every weekend, it never get old. We still get emotional, we still love what we do, and feel attached to each wedding in one way or another.

Putting this list together was so hard! Every single one of our brides was absolutely stunning, and we loved every single couple we were fortunate enough to meet! And each of their weddings was spectacular and stood out in one way or another! Each wedding had unique things that made it memorable. Instead of trying to choose a favorite, we thought we'd do superlatives. We want to share some of our favorite things!

.:Best Invitations:.

We love our beautiful New Mexico. So of course we love when our brides choose to incorporate the southwest into their weddings. And two of our brides did it so well, and so differently.

Morgan and Dylan's wedding invitations for their La Fonda wedding were completely designed by Morgan herself. The colors and the cactus speak to us desert girls, so of course it is one of our favorites.

Allie and Derek chose to go with a more subtle southwest theme. We could not get enough of the simplicity and elegance in their design and the stunning gold details.

.:Best First Look:.

We're a sucker for first looks. Amanda and Issac's at Los Poblanos couldn't have been any cuter. Amanda was so excited she couldn't hold it in, and by the time Issac finally got a good look at her, they we're both grinning ear to ear. At one point Issac turns to us with the biggest "That's going to be my wife!' face that we just about died over.

.:Best Dessert:.

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE cake. But there is something about unique wedding desserts. We also have a love affair with donuts. So this award had to go to Amy and Mike for their donut bar. Rebel Donuts made such tasty donuts, and Amy and Mike had the set up styled so well and so fun, that we're looking for a reason to throw a party to have our own donut bar!

.:My Favorite Dress:.

Every once and a while you see a wedding dress that is just so different than the rest that you find your jaw on the floor. Molly's Rebecca Schoneveld dress did just that to us. We still dream about It's flowy skirt and metallic details.

.:Best Dressed Groom:.

Emily and Matt are beautiful inside and out, but Matt? Hello, Dapper! Not everyone can pull off a purple tux, but yet, he did. This stylish groom definitely wins for best dressed, and we hope we see more colored tuxes in the future! If you want to find this amazing tux, go check out Suits Unlimited. We used them for our wedding and they are the bomb dot com.

.: Best Gift:.

Anna and Jordan got married this spring at Noah's Event Center. Jordan, who plays the trumpet for the US Navy, was not expecting what his soon to be wife would give him. Anyone who has seen "How I Met Your Mother" knows about the blue french horn. I mean it was in the very first episode. Well Anna gave him a blue trumpet right before their wedding. Not only did Jordan love it, but when he started playing it, Anna was in the other room beaming with joy. It was adorable.

.:Best Theme:.

Not every wedding chooses a theme for the overall day. Most stick with color palettes and maybe a few items for decor here and there. Not Brooke and Mitch. Oh no. They went full out Kate Spade, and we we're drooling over every detail. Her shoes, to the bridesmaids, to the flowers, the stripes and bold colors would have made Kate proud.

.:Best Dressed Bridal Party:.

We've noticed it can be difficult to coordinate your groomsmen with your bridesmaids. Especially when you want your girls in pink, but not the guys. Briana and Samson managed to do it just right. Their girls had bright turquoise necklaces and the groomsmen with ties to match. The flowers in the bouquets also complimented the groomsmen jackets, and all around the coordination was spot on! Since Samson and Briana are ranchers, the guys wore jeans and cowboy hats. It was such a perfect fit for them.

.:Favorite Bridesmaid dresses:.

Emily and Justin's Los Poblanos wedding was dripping with style and class. And her bridesmaids gowns were no exception. It's rare that you can find a pink that flatters everyone, but Emily did it. Her girls wore gowns from BHLDN and radiated beauty and grace. We just love the beaded sash and lace v-neck detailing!

.:Best Party Crew:.

Lacey and Rob's wedding was hands down the biggest party this year. With everyone on the dance floor and amazing group renditions of Don't Stop Believing and Livin' On a Prayer, the next time we have a get together, we're inviting them and their friends to keep the party going!

.:Best Golden Hour Light:.

You know those photos when the sun is setting and hits everything just right and it looks like there is magic everywhere? Well as if Dominique and Kevin weren't already beautiful, their sunset photos just made them that much more breathtaking. With the fall colors of the bosque at the Hyatt Tamaya as their backdrop, we just don't know how two people could be so perfect.

.:Best Flowers:.

We chose three different weddings for this award because welp we love flowers!

Mari and PJ managed to put our exact style into their floral designs for their wedding. Shannon Loves Flowers' arrangements were romantic, elegant, and classic. And we were head over heels.

But Ginny and Colton's arrangements by Bloomstream Floral was so bright and fun that we had to include it! We rarely see such vibrant and colorful bouquets, and Ginny and Coltons we're nothing short of a party!

We just had to include the bouquet from the styled wedding we did with Table and Vase. No explanation needed.

.:Best View:.

Patty and Ben had a leg up on the competition because they got married by the ocean. And us desert dwellers love the ocean. We wish the photos could have captured the salty smell and the sound of the waves. At least we have the bright blue sea and the clouds that hover over it to look on. We can't wait for our next California wedding!

.:Best Out of State Venue:.

Amanda and James we're married in an old cotton mill in McKinney, Texas. This venue was so unique and beautiful. They did their first look in one of the old factory rooms and their ceremony was out back where they were surrounded by beautiful ivy and crumbling brick walls. We wish we could wrap this venue in a box and bring it with us to New Mexico!