The Best Part of Winter Engagements

There is something about winter that just saturates everything in magic. Kayla and Geno's engagement session is no exception. So we've put together a small list of reasons why we love winter engagements, beautifully illustrated with Kayla and Geno's romantic session.


Unless you live as far north as human civilization reaches, snow is not a year round occurrence. Snow is so beautiful. It covers everything like a fluffy blanket of calm, and makes for a picturesque backdrop. And it's 10x better than rain because you can stay dry, and actually DO SOMETHING in it. We love when couples take advantage of the snow, because for some of us, it doesn't last very long.

.: Cuddling :.

Everyone knows that winter is cuddle season. Colder weather makes couples stand a little closer. And for a little bit longer. When the temperatures drop, there is something romantic about your loved one keeping you warm. And we love photos of couples who love to be close.

.: The Sun Sets Early :.

Everyone wants those romantic golden light photos, but for those who do their pictures in the summer, they have to wait until almost 9:00pm. In the winter, you can start getting that whimsical lighting before 5:00 and still have time for a dinner, a movie, or basically, anything else.

.:Snowy Strolls:.

The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet, seeing your breath with each exhale, holding hands while wearing mittens. Does it get any better? Not only is a snowy stroll romantic , but have you ever noticed the air is cleanest in the winter? It is so cool and crisp and refreshing, that you almost don't mind that it's chilly.


A cabin is just a cabin. Until winter. Then it is cute, and cozy, and romantic, and festive. A place to cuddle up and watch the snow, or to build a fire and drink hot chocolate. You can step outside to take a stroll in the woods, or stay inside and cuddle. Either way, we just adore winter cabins.