What You Need To Know About Planning Your Engagement Session

So, the love of your life has asked you to marry them. That's so stinking awesome, and we're so excited for you! While making decisions about your wedding budget, venue and theme is going to be fun, it can be stressful. The one thing that should easy and not stressful at all, are your engagement photos. But yet, here we all are, freaking out anyway.

So, in order to make it much easier on you, we have made a list of every helpful hint you could need. We want the only thing you think about during your session to be you, and your future spouse.

.:Do I Need to Take Engagement Photos?:.

We always highly recommend doing an engagement session. Not only is it a great way to get to know your photographer, but it also will make you feel more comfortable and at ease in front of camera, it's like a photography dress rehearsal for your wedding day! Other than your new spouse, the photographer will probably be who you spend the most time with on your wedding day, so its a good idea to get to know them! Also, now you have a collection of photos for your home, save the dates, or for family, instead of rummaging through your vacation photos for a good one.

.:What to Wear:.

Wear clothes that you are comfortable and feel great in. Stay away from baggy, loose fitted clothes and being too matchy matchy with your fiance's outfit. (You know white tops and jeans circa 1990s beach photoshoot.) Also think of your location! You wouldn’t want to wear 6 inch stilettos walking through the mud in the woods. And you wouldn't want to wear green in front of a bunch of trees causing you to blend in. If your photos are outside and you wear a very short dress, you'll spend a lot of time pulling it down when the wind picks up. Wear things that match your personality, if you never wear a suit, why would you wear it for your engagement pictures?

.:Outfit Inspiration:.

Matching a Theme:

Emily and Justin chose light and airy colors to match the location. The idea was romantic and whimsical, so they stuck with pastels and a flowy dress.

Coordinating Colors:

Monique's floral dress has slight hints of blue in the pattern, so Travis chose a solid blue shirt. This was perfect, because now the colors go well together, and look like they belong, but without the whole "twinning" sensation.

Dressing for the Season:

Alicia chose a jewel tone long sleeve dress which is perfect for fall colors. Alex coordinated with a plaid shirt that had similar reds in it.

Dressing to Match Your Location:

Raquel and Ryan had their session downtown. Since it is the business district, they chose to dress more professionally. They chose a modern classy style with blacks and grays. It also fit their personalities well as Raquel loves fashion and Ryan proposed with a Stella McCartney purse. Swoon!

Dressing to Stand Out in Your Location:

Allyson and James opted for a field in the mountains. They wisely selected colors that would stand out against the wild flowers that were surrounding them. Allison's dress was flowy and floral and James wore a solid shirt that went perfectly with the print on her dress.

Need more inspiration and outfit ideas? Check out our Pinterest board here!

.:Choosing a Location:.

When picking your location, consider things you like to do together, the story of how you met or your journey together as a couple. We find that it really helps if you are surrounded by things you know or are in a place you feel comfortable in. It also makes the photos that much more meaningful! By choosing a familiar place or theme or somewhere meaningful to you, you’re not as worried about how you look or how to pose. (Don’t worry we will help you with that as well!)

.:Location Inspiration:.

Shelby and Kevin did a portion of their engagement session at Starr Brother Brewery as they love to go to new breweries together and sample craft beers.

Kelly and Anthony are from Santa Fe, and they have always loved the rich heritage the city holds. They wanted to incorporate the culture they loved so much in their photos so we ventured to Canyon Road for their session.

(Their outfit choices were awesome too!)

Jaime and Jeff love spending time on the lake together. Growing up in the country, it was one of the things that they could do almost every day. Since the lake is where their love grew, it's where they wanted it captured.

Growing up in the Duke city, Brooke wanted to do her engagement session in downtown Albuquerque to honor the city she loves so much.

No matter what you decide to wear, or where you decide to do your photos, we're always here to help. Don't feel like you have to settle on the first idea you have. Ask your photographer for ideas on clothing or location. They might think of something you haven't yet.

And it might be perfect.