Gifts That Give Back

If you're anything like me, you are behind on your holiday shopping.

If so, thank you, that makes me feel better about myself.

With it being the holiday season, many people are looking for ways to give back.

Some are donating to thanksgiving meals, some serving at soup kitchens.

If you're like me, and have very little free time, one of the best things you can actually do, is shop.

That's right. You heard me. SHOPPING.

Here is the perfect gift guide for you. Each product you purchase gives back in some way or another.

This season, purchase with purpose, and check out these amazing companies.

.:Fulfill Every Wishlist:.

.:Love Your Melon:.

Love your melon is a brand that with every purchase, another hat is donated to a child fighting cancer. In addition, 50% of the profits are given to their partners. Their partners are organizations who work in pediatric oncology, cancer research funding, and support for the families of the children. Not only is it a great cause, but this is the warmest beanie I have ever worn.

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For our New Mexico readers, Lovishly is a jewelry company located in the heart of Albuquerque. Its founder, Sherry, said that after seeing the injustices of the world, she wasn’t able to turn to look the other way anymore. Thus, she launched Lovishly. Each item is paired with an organization or non profit, and proceeds from each purchase are given to that partner. Some of these partners help those with depression, some help with foster care, or at risk youths, or fight human trafficking. No matter what cause you’re passionate about, Lovishly has a delicate, hand made, feminine charm to match.

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You've probably seen these bottles. S’wells mission expands beyond trying the rid the world of plastic bottles. They have partnered with UNICEF to help provide clean and safe drinking water to the worlds most vulnerable communities. S’well bottles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Water bottles, coffee tumblers, and more. Insulated and stylish, they can always be found at Target, or online for more options. Rumor has it some Starbucks locations also carry a selection. Keep you eyes open during your next coffee run.



We’re giving poverty the boot! Roma merges fashion with philanthropy by bringing impoverished children hope and education. For each pair purchases, another pair is donated to a child in a third world country. On top of that, part of the profit goes to providing and funding permanent education. The goal isn’t simply to aid, but to empower children to contribute their gifts and talents to society, eradicating poverty to make the world a better place.

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.:Reload Love:.

There are 3 key elements in recovery from trauma. Safety, Acknowledgment, and Normalcy. For kids in the Middle East in recovering war zones, normal isn't easy to get back to. Based out of ABQ, ReloadLove takes spent bullet casings, melts them down and turns them into pendants. 100% of the profits are used to turn battle grounds into playgrounds, giving these recovering children a sense of normalcy once again so they can heal.

Make a Statement

.:Colour Pop x Laura Lee:.

I love my sister for many reasons, but mostly because every holiday, her wishlist contains ONE thing: Make Up. This year, we bought her the Colour Pop and Laura Lee Colab. Consisting of eyeshadow, and lipsticks, these fun, metallic, and shimmery colors save lives. Both makeup giant Colour Pop, and beauty designer Laura Lee have teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society, which is dedicated, to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's Shelters. Did I mention that 100% of the profit is donated? Get it while it lasts, and save a furry friend!

Lipstick Bundle

Eyeshadow Bundle

Puppy Love Shadow

Cat Nap Shadow

.:Giving keys:.

I told a friend about something hard I was going though, and she handed me a necklace I had seen her wear for months. A necklace someone had once given her. The Giving Keys is a company all about paying it forward. Their hope isn't that you just purchase a product, but to choose one with a word that inspires you. Then embrace that word, and one day, give that key to someone else who needs that word. The company decided to be a company instead of a non profit, because by doing so, they are able to provide jobs for those transitioning out of homelessness, creating a long term solution to generational poverty.

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.:Project 7:.

Are you the designated family stocking stuffer? Fill up on Project 7 gum. Always available at check out at Walmart and Target, project 7 has chosen 7 places to give back to. The 7 places they see the most need.

•Feeding the hungry

•Healing the sick

•Supporting those who hope for peace

•Housing the homeless

•Quenching those who thirst

•Teaching them well

•Saving the earth

Also available online, they have some of the coolest flavors of gum ever. As well as gummy bears in flavors just as unique, or for the bigger kids, in your favorite cocktail.

Stock Up Your Stockings

.:One Hope:.

ONEHOPE was founded with one purpose: To create exceptional products that inspire people to indulge while doing good. Their product list is chalk full of sinfully delicious goodies. Coffee beans, olive oils and pasta sauces, amazing wine. And each product gives back to the environment, children, developing countries, animal shelters, meals for those in need. And each item will tell you in it's description, where the money goes. So you can chose one with a cause you're passionate about.

To date they have made more than $2 million in donations, providing over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients, 49,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.1 million meals for children, 33,000 life-saving vaccines and much more.

Drink Up

.:Hand in Hand:.

Several million children will die each year due to water related illnesses. Over 45% of those deaths can be prevented with clean water and soap. Hand in Hands goal was to create a household product that could also save lives. For every product purchased, they donate a bar of soap, and provide clean drinking water. In 4 years they have donated 970,500 bars of soap and build 4 wells, which provide thousands with clean drinking water. They don't just sell soap, they sell lotions and sugar scrubs and lotions and body spray. So not only will you and your friends smell good, but you'll do good.

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.:Other Amazing Companies:.

.:Box Lunch:.

is a nationwide gift store. They sell all kinds of goods that are related to your favorite movies, video games, or anything you'd attach the word "Fandom" to. For every $10 spent in store, they provide a meal to the homeless. They also have rules for those they buy their products from. Their manufactures must not use Labor, (Child, jail, forced or indentured), They may not have a history of any abuse or harassment, they must provide clean and safe working environments, as well as livable wages. So you can feel good about what you walk out of the store with.

Geek Out

.:Altar'd State:.

Literally the CUTSET store you will ever walk int, Alter'd State is full of fashionable clothes, fun gifts, amazing candles, mugs, wall decor and bath bombs, and everything you could ever want in life. It's dangerous. But on top of that, Alter'd State is build upon a single idea: Stand Out To Do Good. It isn't just a phrase, but it's who they are. 10% of the profits are partnered with local charities to help the city where the location resides. Their employees are given four paid hours so they can volunteer, and each location sponsors a number of children in high risk areas of Peru. They also like to sell brands that give back (Heard of The Giving Keys, anyone?) No matter who is on your list, Alter'd State has you covered.

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I know you spend too much time and money at Target. Takes one to know one. If you take a stroll down the office and school supply section, you have seen Yoobi. many teachers around the U.S. pay for their classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Especially in poorer neighborhoods, schools funding is so low many classrooms don't have the supplies they need. For every item you purchase from Yoobi, you are also giving supplies to these classrooms and these kids in need. So far, Yoobi has given supplies to over 3 Million Kids. So the next time your kid, neice, nextdoor neighbor loses their pencils or breaks the zipper on their pencil case, head to target and find Yoobi.

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.:Be A Part Of Something Bigger:.

Many of these companies wouldn't be able to give back in the way they have if it weren't for people like you. Alone, we have such a small impact on such a huge world. But when we join together, the difference we can make is astonishing. Find something from one of these companies this year. Find more companies that give back! There are lots! But remember, this holiday season, purchase with purpose, and cross off every list with socially responsible companies!!