Creating the Perfect Photo Timeline

It's your wedding day. The best day of your life, and you have been crying, and touching up your make up, and asking yourself all day "How did I get so lucky?" You've even paid for an amazing photographer to make sure you will have these memories forever. To cherish on your bad days, to show your children, and to relive the magic. So you want to make sure that they are the best photos ever.

In order to ensure you get the photos you want, it's important to make a timeline with your photographer in mind. What do I mean by that? Making sure you aren't cramming 300 posed photos into a half hour time slot because you're losing light and your guests are getting hungry.

So here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly, and efficiently.

.:Take Natural Light into Consideration:.

-Have your ceremony as late as you are willing if you want the pretty golden light for your photos.

-The best light is one hour before sunset. If you are getting married in June, don't worry, you don't need to have a 7pm ceremony. We can sneak you back out for sunset photos.

-If you are a fall bride, make sure to plan your ceremony a little earlier, especially for November when the sun sets at 5!

.:The Getting Ready Photos:.

-Give your photographer at least 30-45 minutes to get your detail shots. These include your rings, dress, shoes, invitations, etc... You'll want to remember the little details too!

-Have your bridesmaids be fully dressed before you get into yours. It makes a huge difference in the photos when EVERYONE is ready and your maid of honor isn't in yoga pants while she zips you up.

-If you have a corset dress or one with LOTS of buttons make sure to give yourself extra time to get dressed.

.:First Look:.

-Do you have a huge bridal party and family? Consider doing all of your bridal party and family portraits before the ceremony. Or even just the bridal party first. You'll feel less rushed, and it'll be before all the crying starts, so your make up will still look flawless.

-If you don’t want to do a first look, take your photos with your bridesmaids, and your groom with his groomsmen, before the ceremony, and after, get the whole bridal party together to party.

.:You Photographer Will Set You Up for Success:.

-Photographers, if need be, can be really fast. But if you’re going to do ALL of your photos AFTER the ceremony, plan for an hour and a half long cocktail hour. We’d rather be ahead of schedule than behind, right?

-Your photographer will give you a shot list for posed photos with family. Fill this out BEFORE the wedding, and we will go through and check them off. This saves time on deciding. “Should we ask your great aunt to be in the photos?” “Yeah, where is she? Can someone find aunt Carol?” There goes 15 minuets. Get your shot list done in advance.

-Make sure your family is ready! let them know earlier that day, or the day before if you have a rehearsal, that they will be expected to be there following the ceremony, or whenever you choose to do your family portraits.

.:Timeline Examples for Summer Weddings:.

With two photographers and no first look.

3:30- Detail photos start.

4:30-Bride starts getting dressed.

4:45- Bridesmaids photos.

(2nd shooter doing groomsmen.)

5:30- ceremony.

6:00- Family, bridal party, and couples photos.

7:15 or 7:30- Grand entrance and dinner.

8:30- Sunset photos with couple.

8:45- reception continues.

With two photographers and a first look.

3:00- Detail Photos Start.

4:00-Bride starts getting dressed.

4:15- First Look.

4:30-Bridal party photos

5:00- Family photos

5:30- Ceremony.

6:00- Couples photos.

7:00- Grand entrance and dinner etc.


Every photographer is different. But here is a general breakdown of how long

we take to do things;

Details: 30-45 minutes

Bride getting Dressed: 15 minutes

Bridal Party: 20 minutes

Couples photos: 25-30 minutes

Family: 20 minutes (Longer if you have a large family)

Your special day is important to us too!

We’re in this line of business because we love love.

Listen to your photographer or planner! They are experienced experts and we will help you create a timeline that works best for your day.

Because when the day is over, you'll have photos to last a lifetime.