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Engagement Session Stress

When it comes to engagement pictures, we find a lot of brides become stressed about trying to figure out what to wear, where to take the pictures, and how soon before the wedding to do them. We are here to help! We put together a few pointers to ease your stress of figuring all of this out.

Reasons to take engagement pictures:

First of all, we always highly recommend doing an engagement session. Not only is it a great way to get to know your photographer, but it also will make you feel more comfortable and at ease in front of camera, its like a photography dress rehearsal for your wedding day! Also, It never hurts to have more beautiful photos with the one you love.

What to Wear:

We always tell a couple to wear clothes that you are comfortable and feel great in. Stay away from baggy, loose fitted clothes and being too matchy matchy. Also think of your location! You wouldn’t want to wear 6 inch stilettos walking through the mud in the woods. Wear things that match your personality, if you never wear a suit, why would you wear it for your engagement pictures?


In terms of location we always recommend you consider things you like to do together, the story of how you met or your journey together as a couple. We find that it really helps if you are surrounded by things you know or are in a place you feel comfortable in. It also makes the photos that much more meaningful! By choosing a familiar place or theme or somewhere meaningful to you you’re not as worried about how you look or how to pose. (Don’t worry we will help you with that as well!) Plus it makes the photos that much more special!


Need some inspiration? Here are some neat spots that our other couple's have chosen.

Mia + Victor chose Nob Hill as they love to have a date night together in this area.

Katie and Aiden choose the foothills for their pictures as this is where Aiden proposed.

Jennifer + Darnell chose a valentines day inspired session located in downtown Albuquerque since Darnell proposed on Valentines day in the downtown area.

Shelby and Kevin did a portion of their engagement session at Starr Brother Brewery as they love to go to new breweries together and sample craft beers.

Jenna + Chris chose Old Town to do their photos as they just moved to the southwest together and really wanted to incorporate the local culture.

Steve + Jossie did their engagement session at Corrales Winery because they were getting married at a vineyard in California and wanted to incorporate their love for wine as well!

Need more ideas or suggestions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help!

xo- Maura

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