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Miriam + Dana | A Vintage Air Engagement

Miriam and Dana met through mutual friends two times and when they met a 3rd time in a class they had at the Kirkland Airforce base, they had that "Hey! Dont I know you from somewhere?" feeling. Well 3rd time must be a charm because now the two are planning their wedding!

Miriam chose to have her engagement session at the National Museum of Nuclear History where a plane her grandfather flew in World War 2 rests. Taking photos just down to road from the Airforce Base as well as in front of her grandfathers plane was extremely meaningful to her. Walking around the museum with Miriam and Dana was like a history lesson as Dana explained to us each item and what it was used for in history. We even lucked out and had an old vintage car parked in front to take photos with! It was one of the most fun sessions we have done to date and we know their wedding is going to be equally has amazing.